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Tourists who arrive by ferry to Samothraki are landing on an alternative Greek Island famous for its rich running waters and the statue “Nike of Samothraki”!

Passengers who are traveling to the destination Samothraki reach a divergent Greek Island. Forget about long sandy coasts, crowds and many bars. Samothraki offers something different than most of the other islands in Greece. This is rich and wild nature, waterfalls, pools also known as “vathres”, rivers, thermal springs and many hiking paths along the Aegean’s highest mountain, Saos or else Fengari which means moon. Legend says that the God Poseidon watches the Trojan War from the top of the mountain. There are very few beaches which contain sand or pebbles and can be reached easily by hiking or boat. The island is full of explorers and hippies who mostly like camping on it. During your stay in Samothraki, you will have plenty of archeological and interesting sites to visit and admire and this makes your stay even more enjoyable and unforgettable. Some of them are the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, the Propylon, the Sacred Circle, the Anaktoron, the Arsinoeion, the Temenos, the Hierion and of course, the Nike of Samothraki. Make sure to make a visit to the Archeological Museum and the ancient Castle of the Gateluzi Family which is an ideal place for taking pictures since it stands on a high point looking over the endless sea. From the mountain of Saos flow waters which, in their way to the sea, form waterfalls and rocky pools (vathres) and they are suitable for swimming if someone wishes to do so. The most famous of them are the Fonias, Kleidosi and Kremastro. In the capital of Samothraki, Chora you can find plenty of eating places and accommodation options. In general, Samothraki is an exceptional island mostly visited by hikers, divers, campers and nature lovers and all these make it the ideal place for relaxation and getting closer to nature.

Samothraki’s population is around 3.000 inhabitants and covers an area of 178 square kilometers. Ferry routes Samothraki include the routes from and to Alexandroupolis with most of them happening in the summer season.

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