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Tourists who arrive by ferry to Samothraki are landing on an alternative Greek Island famous for its rich running waters and the statue “Nike of Samothraki”!

Passengers who are traveling to the destination Samothraki, reach a divergent and unspoiled Greek North Aegean Island. Forget about long sandy coasts, crowds and many bars. Samothraki is diverse and offers something different than most of the other islands in Greece. The rich nature, the waterfalls, the thermal springs and the mountainous valleys as well as the archeological findings welcome nature lovers to discover the island.

According to the poet Homer, God Poseidon watched the Trojan War from the top of Mount Saos, which is considered the highest mountain of the Aegean with a height of 1610 meters. Many water streams flow from Mount Saos called by the locals as “fegari” which means “moon” and run through the forests to the sea. Natural rocky pools called “vathres” formed by the waters flowing from the mountain, is a good experience for the visitors who want to swim and relax there. Hikers, camping fans and alternative tourists will find a paradise.

By the time you arrive in Samothraki island, you will understand the uniqueness of the island. The capital, Chora, with the cobbled streets and the traditional houses, the taverns with the local food, the wild nature but also the pebbled and sandy beaches will make your holidays unforgettable.

Plan your vacation to Samothraki and book your ferry to Samothraki in advance in order to find availability for the sailing day and time you prefer!

Alexandroupoli to Samothraki ferry

The only way to reach Samothraki is by taking the Alexandroupoli to Samothraki ferry with a trip duration of about 2 hours. During the summer months usually there are two sailings with conventional vessels transferring passengers and cars.

The port of Alexandroupolis is easily accessible by public transport either from Athens or Thessaloniki or Kavala. Please visit our dedicated Alexandroupoli page in order to receive further details.

Samothraki port

At the end of the 19th century, Samothraki port, named Kamariotissa, had a few inhabitants mostly fishermen and merchants. Later on, due to its ideal location, more and more fishing boats anchored there. The small port expanded, became bigger and today accommodates also the big boats and ferries. Shops, restaurants, bank ATMs, post office, pharmacy and supermarkets are found in the port area, as well as hotels and apartments. In the port you can rent cars or scooters.

Samothraki Port to Samothraki Center

Despite the fact that the capital of Samothraki is Chora in a distance of 6 km from the port, the largest settlement in terms of population is the port of the island, Kamariotissa. Visitors have no difficulties to go from Samothraki port to Samothraki center with public transport or a private transfer.

Please check below, information about the means of transport in Samothraki:


The local bus departs from Kamariotissa (the station is right near the port) to Chora. Also there are two other routes from the port, the one to the western and south-western villages (Alonia, Lakkoma, Profitis Ilias) and the other to the northern villages (Palaiopoli, Kariotes, Therma). During summer the buses also reach the campsite. For more information, please visit Samothraki Buses or call +30 255 12 6479 or +30 255 104 1218.


There are a few taxis on the island, usually you can find them in the port, near the lighthouse, after the bus station. For more information please call +30 697 699 1270, +30 697 699 1271, +30 697 238 1762 or +30 697 288 3501.

Holidays in Samothraki

If you choose to spend your holidays in Samothraki or Samothrace, you will meet a unique island located in the Thracian Sea that combines the wild beauty of the green mountains with the clear blue sea, ideal for travelers who want more than swimming and sunbathing. If you like hiking, take your appropriate clothes and shoes and the adventure in the mountains starts!

The picturesque villages, some with very few inhabitants, are found in the west part of the island and is a good idea for a slow walk in the afternoon. Although Samothraki is not famous for the sandy beaches, you can find a few accessible even by car or by boat. The diversity of the landscape, the rare flora and fauna and the archaeological sights of the island compose the different beauty of Samothraki that will fascinate you.

Below you will find some information about suggested accommodation and places to visit according to travelers’ reviews:

Samothraki hotels

Most of the hotels are situated in the north side of the island but you can find any type of accommodation like apartments, villas and airbnbs in most of the worth visiting villages.

Here is some hotels you may like to stay:

  • Nikki Beach Hotel
  • Eroessa Samothraki
  • Samothraki Village Hotel
  • Aeolos Hotel Samothraki
  • Alekas Studios Samothraki
  • Kastro Hotel Samothraki
  • Hotel Samothraki Beach
  • Archondissa Samothraki

Samothraki Camping

Samothraki Camping is very popular for the tourists who choose to visit the island for their summer vacation. The municipal campsite Varades is located by the sea close to the village Therma, in the north part of the island, 15km from the port of Kamariotissa. It offers the organized section where you can park your caravan and place your tent in specific positions and the “natural living” section where you can park freely. In the free camping part you can find toilets, showers, mini market and coffee place and in the organized one you will have in addition electricity supply, hot water and a playground.

Places to Visit

Below you can find some useful information about the most important places to visit in Samothraki. The following references explain the reasons why the island has its own magic and is the first choice for many tourists.

The Folk Museum in Chora

The Folk Museum in Chora next to the Church of the Assumption, which is housed in a traditional building of the 19th century. The exhibition includes clothes and furniture, donated by the locals, and represent the way of living in the past.

Panagia Kamariotissa

Panagia Kamariotissa, situated near the harbour, is the most important church in the island as it is dedicated to the Assumption of Virgin Mary. The icon of Panagia Kamariotissa, which according to the legend was found by three fishermen, is kept there to protect the people from danger and illnesses. A great celebration takes place on the island every year on the Bright Thursday in honor of the Virgin.

The Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum in Paleopoli includes a big part of the history of the island. Some of the exhibits are the restored parts of the Sanctuary of the Great Gods where a lot of ceremonies, dedicated to the Gods, took place. A visit to the ruins of the old city witnesses the religious tradition of the island through the years from the Pre-Hellenic period up to Hellenistic and Roman times. A copy of the famous statue “Nike of Samothraki” (Victory of Samothraki) is exhibited in the museum. Today the original is one of the most important exhibits in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

The medieval Gateluzzi castle

The ruins of the medieval Gateluzzi castle, high in a hill in Chora, was built by the rich Genoese merchant in 1433 with the purpose of protecting the island from the enemies providing also a shelter for the inhabitants of the island.

The Fonias River

The Fonias river which starts flowing from Mount Saos until the sea, is considered to be the most important of Samothraki. Benefit from the waterfalls and vathres, as named the natural pools, if you are on hiking and you need a refreshing dip.


In a distance of about 14km from the port you can find the touristic Samothraki Therma village an ideal destination if you want to combine the mountain and the sea. The hot springs found in Therma attract during summer months visitors who suffer from rheumatic as the water is suitable for this kind of disease. As the camping sites are close to the village, restaurants and bars welcome the tourists every day and night for local food and drinks. Do not miss to try the thyme honey and the local sweets and marmalade. If you want to visit the Gria Vathra waterfalls or to follow the trail of Fonias, Therma is the ideal place to stay.

Samothraki Beaches

Αlthough Samothraki beaches are not the main reason to visit the island, you will not be disappointed if you search for less crowded places to enjoy swimming and relaxing.

Here are some suggestions:

Pachia Ammos

This is the only sandy beach in the island, easily approached by car, in a distance of about 15km from the port.. The right side of Pachia Ammos is organized with umbrellas, sunbeds and you can find a beach bar and showers. On the other hand, the left side, without facilities, is preferred by tourists who need more privacy and calmness.


Kipos beach,the biggest in Samothraki, is situated in the north part of the island. The waters are clear and blue and the sand is replaced by dark pebbles and gravel due to volcanic activity. It is recommended to wear sea shoes as walking becomes difficult without. No bars or other facilities are found there. Popular to nudists and for tourists who ask for isolation and tranquility. Do not be surprised if you see goats around as the area is full of them. Do not miss to taste the goat (katsikaki) dishes which is a speciality in the island in many taverns.


In a distance of about 8 km from the port on the way to Pachia Ammos you will find the Makrilies-Lakkoma beach with warmer but deeper waters. If you stay in the afternoon, you can admire the sunset or taste the local fish food in a close tavern. Also if you are in Lakkoma you have the opportunity to go to the village Profitis Ilias and taste the delicious specialities with a glass of greek wine or ouzo, overlooking the sea from above.


Close to Kamariotissa and Therma is the Limnidi beach, open during high season. You will not find sand but pebbles and gravel. A cafe bar is available with parasols and sunbeds.


Wild, with clear waters, Vatos beach is approached only by boat leaving from Therma or by hiking a very difficult mountain path. Do not miss to rent a boat as the beach is considered to be one of the best to visit.

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