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Ferry to Alicudi - Typical house, Alicudi, Aeolian islands, Sicily, Italy.
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Tourists who travel by ferry to Alicudi will soon smell the sense of heather and lavender while reaching this frozen in time island!

All passengers who are traveling to the island Alicudi know definitely where they are debarking at. Alicudi is considered a special island for specific people who know exactly what they need for their summer vacation. The isle was created 150.000 years ago from the volcano’s Filo dell’ Arpa eruption and was inhabited mostly by pirates who used it as shelter by reason of its location. It took its name from the Greek word ericusa heather) since there is plenty on it. It literally has stayed still in time due to the fact that there is no modern infrastructure anywhere. There are no paved roads so no cars and no bikes are used, just mules and boats. No banks or shops, just two very small grocery stores and a restaurant named Ericusa whose owner will cook the local food which is nothing else than seafood caught by the fishermen of the village which, watching them unload fish, is also a main attraction for the people. When we say that it is frozen in time we mean it since there is also no electricity. At night people use the natural starshine as their light or candles. At day, the crystal clear and turquoise waters of the island’s beaches are perfect for swimming and sunbathing. Most of them are hidden and need some exploring but this is also something tourists do in Alicudi. Visting the wild nature of the island and also hiring a boat to do a small trip around it can be a wonderful experience.

Alicudi is a tiny island with approx. 100 inhabitants. Ferry routes Alicudi occur from and to Filicudi, Lipari, Milazzo, Rinella, Salina and Vulcano especially in summer season.

Although Alicudi might be tiny and undeveloped, you should consider booking your ferry tickets early in order to secure your holidays.

Alicudi Port

The Alicudi port is located in the southeastern part of the island, facing Filicudi on the east and Sicily on the south. After the ferry drops anchor at the port, the only way to move around the island is by using mules which are the locals' main way of transportation or on foot but this is not an issue due to the fact that the main village is within a walking distance even with your luggage.

Next to the port, you will find restaurants, cafes, a grocery store and a ticket office.

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