Ferry from Barcelona to Morocco

Ferry to Morocco - Morocco market colours and carpets.

Take the ferry from Barcelona to Morocco and depart from one of the busiest harbors in the Mediterranean sea which connects two continents, Europe with Africa!

Barcelona is the second largest city of Spain, which itself is located at southwestern Europe. Barcelona is present in the province of Catalonia and is its capital. At its northeast lies the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona is a city of contrasts, which is evident in its architecture, a marriage of Gothic spikes and modern curves, including the famous - Sagrada Familia.
Morocco is a popular tourist destination where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. Nador is a city and important port ιn the northeast of Morocco. Serving ferry routes both from Spain, the port of Nador is one of the main getaways between Europe and Morocco.

Depart from one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Barcelona and book your tickets in advance for the journey to Morocco, as its demand gets really high, especially during the summer months!

Ferry distance from Barcelona to Morocco

The ferry distance between Barcelona and Morocco depends on the port of arrival in Morrocco. The distance between the port of Barcelona and the port of Tanger is around 1060 km and to the port of Nador is approx. 822 km.

Ferry duration from Barcelona to Morocco

There are 2 ferry routes connecting Barcelona with Morocco: the Barcelona - Tanger ferry route and the Barcelona - Nador ferry route. The duration of the Barcelona - Nador ferry crossing is approximately 26 hr. The duration of the Barcelona - Tangier ferry crossing ranges from 28 hr to 33 hr.

Conventional ferry from Barcelona to Morocco

The conventional ferries which sail from Barcelona to Morocco are a unique experience that every traveler should embrace. Spacious areas, big variety of seats and cabins, garages with space for camping on board and lots of amenities to make your journeys one-of-a-kind.

Ferry frequency from Barcelona to Morocco

Normally there are at least 2 weekly ferry routes from Barcelona to Nador in Morocco. There are about 5 weekly ferry crossings from the port of Barcelona to Tanger-Med in Tangier.

Helpful information for your journey to Morocco

  • Visit our Barcelona and Morocco pages to get the opportunity to check all the possible transportation options in order to approach or leave the ports
  • Remember to be present at the port 1 or 2 hours prior to your departure
  • Check all available routes or alternatives and compare prices by taking advantage of our online booking engine
  • Before you start your ferry journey to Morocco don’t forget to take your passport with you
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