Ferry to Bari

Ferry to Bari - Selling vegetables in the streets of Mola di Bari, Puglia, Italy.

Tourists who take a ferry to Bari are about to visit the capital of the Puglia region and one of the most important port and university cities in Italy!

Bari in Puglia, is the first preferred choice by those who are traveling by ferry from the Balkans and from Greece to Italy. Most of them are usually driving their campers and use the camping on board option on the vessel. Bari also comes second regarding to economic importance after Naples. Its stunning old town, very busy port and delightful coast along with the rich culture since it is a university city, makes it an attractive destination for travelers from all around the world.

Except for the universities, Bari is an industrial city as well, with many metal, automobile and chemical industries having their branches there. Moreover, in the 4.000-year-old Bari, the well-known annual fair “Fiera del Levante” takes place making the city play a major role in international economic relations.

Book your ferry tickets from Bari in advance and enjoy a wonderful journey towards Greece and Albania!

Bari ferry connections

Well-developed ferry routes connect Bari with western Greece and with the west part of the Balkan Peninsula.

Some popular ferry crossings are:

Bari to Patras: One daily ferry connects the two port cities all year around with the crossing lasting about 18 hours so, in order to make your journey more comfortable, it would be better to book a cabin since the seats, especially those in the economy deck, are not suitable for long sleeps.

Bari to Igoumenitsa: A very fast way to get to Greece from Italy with an average ferry time of 10 hours. There are more than one ferries running daily all year long.

Bari to Corfu: One daily ferry is running that takes about 11 hours. Please, note that this is mostly a high season route.

Bari to Durres: An all-year-long ferry crossing that requires approx. 9 hours to connect these two opposing ports.

Bari ferry port

The Bari port (porto di Bari) is located on the east coast of Italy, facing the Adriatic Sea. It is a bustling port with three docks which host many big conventional but also cruise ships each year.

Check below, the information given on how to reach the port either from the nearest airport and from the city center:

Bari International Airport to Bari Port

Get to the port of Bari starting from Bari airport by using the following transportation means:


There is a bus service that runs 3 times a day and transfers you directly to the port of Bari in approx. 30 mins. For further details, please, visit Bari Airport Buses.

Shuttle Bus

Take the shuttle bus which starts just outside from the arrivals terminal. They are slightly more expensive than regular buses but also faster. Please, visit the Tempesta Shuttle Buses for more information.


Take the train to Bari city center and then you can either take a taxi or a bus to the port which is not further than 1.5 km. More details in Bari Airport Train


The taxi stand is not hard to find since you will see it by the time you exit the airport building. Grab one and reach your destination.

Bari City Center to Bari Port

From Bari centrale, you can get to the port by using the following means:


The bus station is located in front of the main train station in the city center. Take the bus directly to the port with the cost of 1 Euro.


Please, call +39 080 554.33.33 in order to book a taxi.

Holidays in Bari

Do not think that Bari is only an important port town; it is also a stunning place full of history and impressive castles and buildings. Furthermore, its beaches have to be mentioned since they belong in the most beautiful in Italy, being rocky with white sand. In the city center, you will find everything you need while strolling around and don’t forget to pay a visit at “Fiera del Levante” economic center which hosts plenty of events every year.

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