Ferry to Capri

Passengers traveling by ferry to Capri arrive on an island located in the Tyrrhenian Sea on the south side of the Gulf of Naples in the Campania region!

Capri is one of the most picturesque and most visited destinations in Campania. In ancient times its unique beauties were celebrated and later published for the world in Homer's works: Odysseus (known in Latin as Ulysses) sailing past the island, narrowly escaped the fate of those who hear the voices of the Sirens. Through the writings and legends of Ancient Greece, the island has a mythical charm, as well as its natural treasures. Throughout the centuries its breathtaking landscapes and beauty stretch from the rocky caves around the island to the edge of the horizon, and has been an inspiration to poets, lovers and travelers.

Passengers traveling to Capri have the opportunity to see and do the most incredible things on the island. They can discover Capri from the sea, then lie back in a wooden rowboat to enter the magical Blue Grotto, the underwater cave discovered in 1826 by the German poet August Kopisch. There are few roads and fewer cars because most of Capri town is only accessible by foot. You need to get down to the sea to get a sense of the place. Capri's elegant open-air drawing room, the Piazzetta lies at the heart of the medieval town. Is a perfect stage set of a square, every bit as picturesque as you imagine it will be, complete with ancient church and pretty bell tower.

The island's well-known culinary traditions, are based on simple, fresh ingredients from land and sea overflowing with the big, bold, sunny flavors of southern Italy such as insalata caprese when made with real buffalo mozzarella, sun-ripened tomatoes and the peppery basil that grows on the island's steep, salty terraces it's delicious.

Book in advance your Capri ferry tickets for their quantity usually runs out early.

Getting to Capri by Ferry

Capri is a very popular ferry destination that gets really crowded in the months between April and September. The ferries start from Italy's southwestern coast and more specifically from the Gulf of Naples. The journeys are relatively short, operated mostly with high speed vessels.

Ferry Naples to Capri: The hydrofoils from Naples' Molo Beverello need less than an hour to approach Capri. There are more than 1 itineraries per day everyday. Note that, there are also connections from Naples' Castellammare with at least 1 sailing every day.

Ferries Sorrento Capri: A very short crossing with an average time of 20 minutes. There are around 4 ferries that connect the two ports everyday. 

Capri Port

The Capri port (Marina Grande) is located in the northern part of the island and sits below the graphical Capri Town on the mountain, 150 meters above sea level. The port is quite busy especially in high season periods and has many cafes and restaurants around for the travelers. 

In order to get around Capri, after getting off your ship, you have the following options:


Starting from Capri port, a funicular transports you directly to Capri center in about 15 minutes. To get more information about the timetables, please visit the Capri Funicular.


There are 10-seated buses which run frequently in summer and can transfer you between the island's villages. Please, visit Capri Buses for further details.


Taxis are omnipresent at the port and in the main villages of Capri. Grab one or click on Capri Taxis in order to call one and learn about the fares.

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