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Ferry to Cesenatico - Cesenatico Italy 2018, teaches hotel on the quaint old canal.
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Tourists who are traveling by ferry to Cesenatico in Italy's northeast coast, are entering a picturesque little city which is often compared to Venice!

Cesenatico is a charming little town on the east side of Italy, facing the Adriatic Sea and further, Croatia. Founded in 1302, it belongs in the Forli-Cesena province in the Emilia-Romagna region and it is inhabited by around 2600 permanent citizens. The city is mostly famous for its port canal (Porto Canale Leonardesco), built in 1500 and designed by the worldwide known polymath, Leonardo da Vinci. The canal, which runs through the center of the town, played a significant role in the territory's economic growth since fishing and trading were its main sources of income. 

Nowadays, Cesenatico is a scenic and prominent seaside resort which attracts thousands of tourists every year, especially families and couples. It is a city of art and often called as Italy's bike capital due to its varied routes and paths as well as for the many hotels which support bicycle infrastructure and facilities. Another advantage is that t's surface is relatively flat, fact which helps bicycle lovers explore it effortlessly.

Book your ferry tickets to Cesenatico in advance and get enchanted by its engrossing atmosphere!

Ferry routes from Cesenatico

The little town of Cesenatico is situated in Italy's northeast part, case which makes it an ideal starting point for ferry routes to Croatia's alluring islands. The particular operating ferries are the conventional type ones that can carry cars and caravans. They also offer a large variety of amenities on board in order for you to enjoy the crossings to their fullest.

Cesenatico to:

  • Rovinj -  the particular crossing takes place at least twice per week with a travel time of approx. 3 hours
  • Losinj - a route that occurs at least 4 times per week with a duration of around 5 hours
  • Novalja - a weekly connection with a duration of around 7 hours
  • Pesaro - a connection that occurs at least 3 times per week and lasts approx. 1.5 hours

Port of Cesenatico

The port of Cesenatico or else called Leonardo's Canal Port, in honor of Leonardo da Vinci, is surely one of the main attractions of the city. It is indeed a picturesque port with colorful traditional fishing boats (bragozzi). In the area around, you can find a romantic promenade full of little shops, cafeterias and award-winning eating places serving delicacies such as the famous and tasteful Adriatic blue fish. If your accommodation is not located in the Porto Canale area, you can easily take the bus or a taxi to reach it.


The "Startromagna" bus service is operating in Cesenatico. You can find useful information about the timetables and routes in Cesenatico Bus


You can call a taxi at +39 0547 813 65 or visit Cesenatico Taxis.

Holidays in Cesenatico

There is no argument that your holidays in Cesenatico are going to be unique. It is a fascinating town which can occupy families but couples as well. In addition to all of all its advantages, some of them which are splendid beaches, captivating landmarks and culture and vivid lifestyle, Cesenatico is also easily accessible from Italy's northern major cities (Venice, Bologna, Florence). As for the accommodation options, the town offers plenty of hotels, resorts and apartments for all budgets. 

Hotels in Cesenatico

The hotels in Cesenatico vary, from luxurious resorts to more affordable ones, attracting all classes. Either you are traveling alone or with your beloved one or with your family, you have the opportunity to choose between many options. Here is a list with the most visited Cesenatico hotels:

  • Villa Maria
  • Hotel Byron
  • Numi Medusa
  • Grand Hotel Da Vinci
  • Hotel Royal (in Valverde)
  • Hotel Excelsior
  • Cavour

Sightseeing in Cesenatico

Despite its small size, Cesenatico offers numerous things for sightseeing, from compelling landmarks and buildings to capacious green parks with playgrounds and sports facilities. In almost every corner of the city there will be something interesting to check out while there is no doubt that the scenic views , especially at sunset, will fascinate you. Below, we provide a list with the most worth-seeing features in town:

  • Porto Canale couldn't have another place in the list since it is Cesenatico's symbol
  • The skyscraper Grattacielo Marinella
  • Marino Moretti Museum
  • Spazio Pantani
  • The Antiquarium
  • Molo di Levante
  • Church of San Giacomo Apostolo
  • Parco Archeologico della Rocca
  • Piazza delle Conserve
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