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Passengers travelling by ferry to Erikousa arrive at a small paradise where guests can relax surrounded by crystal blue waters, endless golden beaches!

One of the most virgin islands of the Ionian Sea, Erikousa, stands 8 nautical miles northwest of Corfu surrounded by crystal clear blue waters, endless golden and steep cliffy beaches. Its only few settlements allow you to discover the history of the island and meet the friendly locals who are very excited welcoming you and helping you with your little adventurous trip. The island’s pathways enclosed by olive and cypress trees, let you explore its nature along with the sweet smell of heather.

Book your ferry tickets to Erikousa as soon as possible and organize your stay in this tiny settlement that is waiting for you to explore and discover.

Getting to Erikousa

Getting to Erikousa island is accessible only by ferry to Corfu. There are ferries all year round. The Tickets for this route are available for passengers as well as for vehicles such as cars and motorcycles. The duration of the trip from Erikousa to Corfu is 2h 30m.

Erikoussa ferry port

Arriving at the port of Eriikousa, the visitor disembarks at Porto, the settlement with the main port of the island.
Porto is built between two hills in the location of Megalo Livadi and is the largest settlement of the island. Here you will find the Police Station of the island, the Municipal Office, the Medical Clinic and the Pharmacy of the island. In Porto there are some mini markets and at the same time these shops are also cafeterias or taverns serving coffee and food. To the west of Porto you will see the hill of Catergo, the only spot on the island that is bare of vegetation, as its top has been flattened to serve as a helipad, essential for emergency situations. The hill of Catergos is bordered to the west by the Adriatic Sea and its slopes are quite steep, while to the south it ends at Cape Catergos, which protectively embraces the port of Porto.

Transportation in Erikousa

On a small island like Erikousa, there is no need for a wide network of public transport. Also, keep in mind that you will not find car rentals there.

The most common transportation in Ereikousa is on foot.

On foot

It’s very easy to reach the port on foot thanks to its proximity to the town.

By bus

Ereikousa is a small island so there are no buses.

By taxi

There are no taxis on the island.

Holidays in Erikousa

Erikousa is the ideal place to escape from the stress and rhythms of city life. On this island you will only hear the birds singing and the sea. The small size of Eriikusa (about 5 square kilometers) gives you the opportunity to explore it fully in a short time. Just a few days are enough to fully taste the beauties of this island, but at the same time live every moment to the fullest.
If you're planning to make Erikousa your destination this summer, you'll need three things, your swimsuit, a pair of diving goggles and your sneakers! Get ready to dive in crystal clear waters to discover an underwater blue paradise and walk on heavenly green trails to explore the nature of Erikousa.

Hotels in Ereikousa

For accommodation, there are no large hotels in Ereikousa, but there are some family hotels and rooms to let.

Here are some suggestions in order to choose your ideal hotel in Ereikousa:

  • Acantha Boutique Hotel
  • Hotel Erikousa
  • Beach Villa Verano with private pool
  • Del Mare Beach Hotel
  • Katsaros Studios and Apartments

Island hopping around Ereikousa

Erikousa is the second largest island of the island cluster called the "Diapontia Islands" of Corfu and so you can visit Othoni and Mathraki which are the other two inhabited islands of the cluster.

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