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Ferry to France - Wide shot of Eiffel Tower with dramatic sky and flowers at late evening, Paris, France.
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Passengers who are using the ferry to France are entering a western European country which is the most visited country in the world since the last few years!

France has long been a global center of culture, making significant contributions to art, science, and philosophy. The country is the 3rd in terms of hosting cultural UNESCO World Heritage Sites (37), after Italy and Spain and is visited by around 89 million tourists annually. Some of the most famous places are Lyon, Lourdes, Metz, Nimes, Reims, Marseilles, Montpellier and of course the capital, Paris and the island of Corsica, southeast of France.

Some quick mentions of what France is famous for are The Eiffel Tower in Paris, its widely known artists, poets and actors, Napoleon Bonaparte, the Statue of Liberty which was gifted to New York in 1886, the Louvre Museum and for the highest mountain in Europe, visited by numerous skiers, Mont Blanc.

Except for the impressive landmarks, France is a country which provides perfect relaxing vacation during summertime. After taking the ferry to south of France, in its Riviera called Cote de Azur, you will be fascinated by the landscapes and the beauty of the coast. It comes second in place after Paris regarding to tourist traffic and hosts more than 10 million of people each year. According to statistics, the ferry crossings to France’s Nice, Saint-Tropez, Cannes, Monaco and Menton are carrying the largest number of travelers.

Apart from the extraordinary historical monuments, imposing art and glorious history, France’s gourmet cuisine will definitely fascinate everyone. It is also the home of around 400 types of cheeses and of the most expensive wines in the world. Keep in mind that the worldwide famous Michelin Stars were created in France.

Generally, it is impossible to refer to everything France can provide to its visitors. The best way to learn more about it is to book ferry tickets to France in advance and see by yourself.

Getting to France by ferry

The immense country of France is situated northeastern of Spain and northwestern of Italy, facing the Ligurian, Balearic and Tyrrhenian Seas on the south. The ports in the French Riviera are getting crowded every year, especially in summer and tourists spread all over the country to explore its jewels. Moreover, the island of Corsica is also a part of France and a favorite destination by thousands every year. 

Ferry from Italy to France

The French coast and Corsica are easily accessible from Italy's west side. Numerous loaded ships from various companies come and go in summer periods, thus, tourism in France reaches its climax. Except for the connections between the two mainlands, there also more from Sardinia to Corsica. More specifically, some of the most used crossings are:

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