Ferry from Livorno to Bastia

Ferry to Bastia - Corsican specialty figatelli sausage in a basket for sale at a market in Bastia, Corsica, France. Translation for the sign is the type of sausage in Corsican language.

Start your journey by ferry from Livorno to Bastia to the Baroque city of art and interesting history and discover the many aspects of a dynamic seaside resort!

It is undeniable that a visit to Corsica, and even more so to its gateway, Bastia, is a must for most travelers! So many things have been said, written and sung about Bastia and revealed to visitors during their visit to this wonderful cultural city that remains indifferent to time but at the same time modern and creative.

The approach from the Italian city of Livorno to Bastia is easy and relatively fast, so don't delay, book your tickets in advance and indulge in the dream!

Livorno to Bastia ferry schedules and duration

From Livorno to Bastia, the ferry schedules connect Italy with the French island of Corsica and are currently operated by 2 ferry companies with almost 14 combined routes per week with morning, noon and afternoon departures. The ferry duration ranges from 3 hours to 4 hours and 30 minutes depending on the vessel and the schedule. Use our online booking platform to reserve your ticket from Livorno to Bastia.

Ferry distance from Livorno to Bastia

The ferry distance from Livorno to Bastia, located 120 km southwest of Livorno is 65 nautical miles! The comfortable conventional ferries operating on the route offer a pleasant journey with many facilities on board!

Conventional ferries from Livorno to Bastia

At present, the vessels operating on the Livorno-Bastia route are the conventional type and combine modernity, speed, comfort and large capacity, allowing the traveler to enjoy the maximum of services on board! On most ships you can choose between different types of cabins, as well as cabins for passengers with reduced mobility and for passengers travelling with their pets and airline-type seats as a more economical solution! Make yourself at home and enjoy the bars, cafeterias and outdoor areas of the ships and make the most of your journey!

Useful tips for your trip from Livorno to Bastia

  • Be present at the port 1 hour before departure (1h and 30min if you have a car) for check-in and embarkation as Livorno port tends to be crowded during summer months
  • Check our pages dedicated to Livorno and Bastia for more information about the ports and transportation options
  • Check that you have all the documents you need for departure. All passengers, including minors, must arrive for boarding with a valid identity document
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