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Passengers traveling by ferry to Frikies arrive at a beautiful beach with gorgeous crystal clear waters and the beautiful background of green mountains!

Frikes beach is located in Ithaca, 18 km north of Vathi, the capital of Ithaca. This very picturesque fishing village is now a significant tourist destination with a fair number of established hotels and guest houses.
Frikes receives hordes of tourists during the high season. The beach is a delight, while the towering presence on the left side offers a soothing shade and at the same time protects the beach from the westerly winds.
The beach has no tourist facilities, but you don't need to carry much with you, as the trees provide plenty of shade. In the lovely settlement of Frikes you will find many rooms available for tourists. Many taverns and bars are open during the summer season.

If you desire to enjoy some days of summer vacation on a special island far from the bustle of the cosmopolitan ones, Frikies is the ideal place. Our updated booking engine can provide you with all the information you need such as schedules and prices in order to book your tickets in advance.

Getting to Frikies by ferry

Getting to Frikes island is accessible only by ferry to Fiskardo, the beautiful town of Kefalonia.
This route is operated only during high season though. Tickets for this route are available for passengers as well as vehicles, such as cars and motor bikes. The trip duration from Frikes, Ithaca to Fiskardo, Kefalonia is 45m.

Frikes ferry port

The village was first inhabited in the 16th century when the inhabitants of the surrounding hills began to use the natural harbor of Frikes as their fishing base but mainly to conduct commercial and trading activity with Lefkada and with mainland Greece. According to some academics, Frikes is the harbor referred to by Homer as Reithron.
The Frikes ferry port is in a small village at the foot of a wooded bay; it is green even in summer. Windmills on a rocky hill above the village serve as navigational aids. Ferries dock on the outer part of the breakwater.
A variety of taverns and shops are within walking distance.

Transportation in Frikies

The road network of Ithaca is in good condition and is, in general, asphalted.

There are several available options for you to move around Frikies:

Rent cars, as well as motorbikes and bicycles. This gives you the opportunity to visit the whole island at your leisure and enjoy its beauty.

The Bus system of the KTEL that connects almost all the villages of northern Ithaca. The starting point is located in Vathi, very close to the central square of the town.

Taxis are available around the clock and the drivers are always willing to show you around the island. They are waiting for you at the port of Frikia to take you to your destination. It is, after all, the only means of transport to and from the ports for those who do not have their own vehicle. For this reason, and during the peak tourist season (July-August), it is advisable to have a taxi waiting for you at the port.

The traditional fishing boats or "caiques", take care of your needs in terms of sea excursions. You will have the opportunity to see unique landscapes and swim in exceptional beaches that are only accessible from the sea. For those who wish to discover their own "private" beach, we recommend hiring a boat or a boat.

Holidays in Frikies

Frikes may not be as popular as other cities in Greece, but it is a beautiful upcoming tourist destination that is worth a visit.
Frikies offers nice taverns and shops lining the waterfront, a modern hotel, various cafes, restaurants and an outdoor night club which opens only during summer with live music, food and great music to dance all night. One of the most interesting sights in Frikes are the traditional windmills that stand on top of the village.

Things to do in Frikes

You will be surprised by some of the unique things to do and places you can explore at this hidden destination.
You might wish to revisit it someday again, to take a break and relax at Frikes.
If you have plans to visit Greece and are not sure if Frikes should be included in your itinerary, keep reading.

In this list, we have put together some of the things to do in Frikes and around:

  • Follow the dirt road from Frikes towards the wild beauty of Marmakas, you can enjoy a wonderful swim and visit the unique bio-diverse wetlands of Ithaca, at Alykes
  • Traveling away from Frikes towards Kioni, accompanied by the sea to your left and the green hills to your right, you will experience a truly beautiful journey, one of the most pleasurable in any of the Ionian islands
  • Enjoy the celebratory festivities held to honor the Holy Apostles
  • Exploring the sea and beaches to the north of the island
  • You can do sailing and windsurfing, during the summer, the bay of Frikes can be subject to quite breezy conditions. This local, northwest wind creates ideal conditions
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