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Ferry to Glossa (Skopelos) - Views of the sea and the city of Glossa on the island of Skopelos, Greece.
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Τake a ferry to Glossa and enjoy your summer holidays in this stunning panoramic settlement of the island of Skopelos in the Sporades Complex!

The picturesque and small village of Glossa, with only 1195 inhabitants, is located 25 km north west of the capital of the island ( Chora). It’s the second largest settlement of the island and it was amphitheatrical built on the mountain slopes, 250 meters above sea level and the port of Loutraki with amazing views of the Aegean Sea. The village has rightly earned the title “ Balcony of the Aegean”.

Many have tried to explain the origins of the name of the village. Others believe that the name Glossa ( which means tongue) derives from the tongue shaped shape of the cave that exists in the sea of Glossa but there are also many that believe that due to the many steps of the village your tongue sticks out trying to climb them, which is actually a humorous version of the name Glossa.

According to archaeological finds, the ruins of ancient towers and the scattered defensive structures that surround Glossa, the village has existed since prehistoric times and the first settlers of the island were Minoans. The inhabitants of the village were mostly sailors and captains but there were also many viticulturalists and they produced some of the best wine in Greece.

Book in advance your ferry Glossa in Skopelos tickets and relax for a few days in this beautiful village that is surrounded by pine forests, plane trees and enjoy the breathtaking views of the sea.

Reaching Glossa by ferry

Glossa is a lovely village of Skopelos, easily accessible by ferry from the port of Volos, located in the head of the Gulf of Pagasitikos. There are also frequent routes all year round from the other popular routes of the Sporades archipelago.

  • Volos to Glossa: there are daily routes from the port of Volos to Glossa, all year round, served by conventional and high speed vessels. The duration of the sailing with a conventional ferry (for passengers and vehicles) is 2 hours and with a high speed (only for passengers)is approximately 1 hour
  • Skiathos to Glossa: depending on the seasonality there are more than two daily routes available from the island of Skiathos to Glossa. The duration of the trip with a conventional ferry is half an hour and with a high speed is only 15 minutes
  • Alonissos to Glossa: Both conventional and high speed ferries run through Alonissos and Glossa and the duration of the journey is 1 hour and 45 minutes with the normal ferry and only 1 hour if you choose to travel with a flying dolphin

Glossa ferry port

The port of Glossa is located only 3 km away from the center of the village on the northeast coast of the island and it is the first port of Skopelos that the ferries dock before arriving at the town of Skopelos on the other side of the island. The name of the port is Loutraki but many people also use the name Glossa for the port. It is a medium sized, well organized port which gets busy during summer but never crowded as the disembarkation is immediate. Around the port there are a few cafes, taverns and shops that lead to the narrow paved interior of the settlement.

Transportation in Glossa, Skopelos


There is a public bus running between Glossa, Loutraki, Klima, Agnontas, Panormos, Stafylos and Skopelos town.

For more information please visit buses in Skopelos.


For a more convenient transfer to the other settlements of the island there is a taxi rank next to the harbor.

To book a taxi please call +30 697 977 7830.

Places to visit & things to do in Glossa, Skopelos

Glossa charms its visitors with its unique architecture that has a Macedonia influence and the narrow cobblestone streets that look like a rabbit warren. Most of the houses that look like old mansions, are two-story with picturesque wooden balconies and tiled burgundy colored roofs.

Get ready to discover Glossa and let us help you organize your to-do list!

  • Visit the impressive and worldwide famous Agios Ioannis Church that stands on top of a rock with spectacular panoramic views
  • Admire the traditional costumes, furniture, textiles and embroideries of Skopelos in the Folklore Museum of Glossa
  • Go on a hike to Agios Riginos Monastery or follow the coastal trail that leads from Glossa to Palio Klima past whitewashed churches, historic shrines and olive groves
  • Visit the Church of the Assumption that is dedicated to Glossa’s patron saint and admire its incredible marble carvings
  • Organize a tour of the Antoniou Family Olive Press in an olive mill
  • Admire the Monastery of the Archangels, one of the most impressive post Byzantine era structures in the Northern Sporades
  • Visit the Museum of Cultural Heritage Perseus Library of the Hellenism Foundation

Beaches in Glossa

Beaches in the entire island of Skopelos are popular for their crystal clear waters and the amazing natural beauty of the landscapes that surround them.

Please find below a list of the beaches closest to Glossa:

  • Loutraki Beach: located approximately 3.6 km away from Glossa. A pebbled and steep beach just next to the port of Loutraki with clear waters
  • Agios Ioannis Beach: located 6 km away from Glossa. A beautiful non organized beach with crystal clear waters and beautiful marble looking like pebbles. The church and the beach of Agios Ioannis are also world famous after the movie Mamma Mia
  • Spilia Beach: located 5 km away from Glossa. A sandy beach located in a small bay, protected by strong winds with beautiful emerald green waters
  • Perivolou Beach: located 5 km away from Glossa. A secluded sandy beach surrounded by breathtaking rock formations and pine trees that reach the level of the sea

Glossa accommodation & hotels

Although the village is relatively small there are a few accommodation options boasting sea views. Either you choose an apartment or a hotel or a studio all of them are well equipped and close to the few tourist facilities that the village offers.

Please find below some of the best rated hotels and accommodation in Glossa:

  • Rodia Glossa House
  • Villa Malena
  • Ninas Country House
  • Notos Sea Front Apartment
  • Cherry´s Home
  • Cyan Studio
  • Villa Malena

Day Trips from Glossa

The location of Glossa makes it an ideal starting point for island hopping to some of the most beautiful and popular islands of the Sporades with frequent direct sailings at a relatively small cost.

Take a ferry from Glossa and do not miss the chance to visit:

  • Alonissos
  • Skiathos
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