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Ferry to Himare - Aerial view of the sea waves washing out on a sandy beach.
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Start your journey by ferry to Himarë and get to know a beautiful coastal city of Albania with great history and constantly increasing touristic development!

Himarë, or Himara, is a small seaside town located along the Albanian Riviera and is considered one of the top destinations for beach lovers in Albania. The town with its rich history is very close to some of the best beaches in Albania, which makes it an ideal holiday spot!
The old town, the castle, has stunning views and is organized on and around the old castle and the coastal area of Spilia, which is also the tourist and economic center of the region. Inside the castle of Himarë, built during the classical antiquity, the visitor will have the opportunity to visit the various churches located there such as the church of Panagia or the Episkopi, built on the site of an ancient temple dedicated to the god Apollo, as well as the church of Agioi Panti, which is easily accessible as it is located at the entrance of the castle.

Himarë has a coastal road for wonderful coastal walks and many Greek-style tavernas!
In addition, of particular interest to the visitor is the exploration of the rocky villages ,to the north of Himara, Vuno, Ilias, Dhërmi and Palasë. Dhermi has become a popular destination among foreign and local tourists alike, thanks to the boom in the number of beach resorts.

Although Himarë does not have much for visitors to do, they prefer it because it has beautiful beaches and many resorts for real relaxation!

Ferry connections to/from Himarë

Ferry connections to and from Himarë are currently only available from the port of Corfu in Greece. The Himarë - Corfu ferry line connects the Ionian Islands with Albania and the crossing operates up to twice a week with a sailing time of approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.
The frequency and duration of the services vary from season to season, so we would advise you to check our website for up-to-date information.

Port of Himarë

The port of Himarë is located at the foot of the mountains of Keravnia in southwestern Albania, on the coast of the Ionian Sea, about 128 km north of the Greek border and almost opposite the Greek island of Corfu.There are neon nightclubs, hillside cafes and seafood restaurants overlooking the sailing and fishing boats that come and go in the idyllic harbour.

Transportation in Himarë

Transportation in the city of Himara is mainly by public buses.
There is also the option of taxis and car rental for more comfort and time saving.

Public Βus

Public buses connect from Vlorë or Tirana (there are a few a day depending on the season). It is the cheapest but not the fastest way. As there is no bus station in Himarë, you need to let the driver know where you would like to be dropped off.


It is possible to take a taxi but it is always the most expensive option. Please, check Himarë Taxis.

Water Taxi

The water taxi is more than just a boat ride, as the crew and the captain know the city well and the many sights that can be seen from the water. Enjoy the fresh air, the beautiful and clean beaches accompanied by a refreshing drink! Information about availability in Himarë Water Taxis.

Holidays in Himarë

In recent years Albania is considered an increasingly developing tourist country. Holidays in Himarë have become very popular as it is still a very quiet place ideal for relaxation. The place has to offer natural beauties, hospitable people and interesting cultural and historical background. The Old Town of Himarë which is just a 30 minute walk from the center of Himare on the hill is unique with the old castle being a magical place where you can watch the sunrise over the sea.
The beautiful beaches near the town of Himarë are a great advantage for those seeking clear blue seas and lovely sandy beaches.
Also, apart from the attractions of the area and the many opportunities for outdoor activities, the visitor will also find wonderful accommodation and beautiful restaurants with local dishes!

If you want to get away from the fast pace of everyday life then this city is definitely your ultimate destination for a beautiful holiday!

Best Beaches in Himarë

  • Gjipe Beach: is located between the resorts of Drymades and Himara, hidden from the mountainous terrain at the end of the Gjipe Gorge, an impressive natural feature with rock formations reaching in some places up to 70 meters high. It has warm crystal clear turquoise waters and fine white pebbles. Although it is secluded as it takes about 20 minutes to reach it on foot, there are some basic facilities such as sunbeds and umbrellas and a canteen for snacks and drinks
  • Himarë Beach: one of the most picturesque and charming beaches in Albania with large stretches of soft white sand, deep turquoise sea, pine forests and olive trees that are abundant in the area around the beach and create a unique Mediterranean environment.It is located very close to the city and for this reason it has an abundance of cafes and restaurants with seafood
  • Livadhi Beach: is the jewel and one of the largest beaches on the southeastern Mediterranean coast of Albania, stretching over 1.2 km with more than 6 meters of sparkling white sand and crystal blue waters!The northern side of the beach, called Gonia, is famous for its incredible marble stones and awe-inspiring rock formations. The beach is also home to a wonderful small aquarium, home to exotic fish and with elegant, yet relaxed dining venues nearby. It's a local hotspot, with water sports and beautiful beach bars for fun in the sun
  • Jale Beach: is one of the most beautiful small beaches along the Riviera coast. The waters here are crystal clear with a vivid blue hue. In fact, it is said to be one of the clearest waters on the coast due to the currents of the bay, making it ideal for snorkeling or diving. It is a fairly lively resort with a plethora of bars and restaurants
  • Llamani Beach: is one of the beautiful beaches in the south of Albania with extraordinary scenery, cristal water with stone and the temperature of water is a little bit cold because of the springs
  • Filikuri Beach: is a small bay surrounded by high cliffs and is located between Potam beach and Llaman beach. The beach is easily accessed by boats that can be rented from various places or even by swimming. If you want to spend a whole day at Filikuri make sure you have enough food and plenty of water with you, because there are no shops on the beach

Hotels in Himarë

The hotels in Himara are numerous and can satisfy all tastes! From beautiful 5 star deluxe hotels with great amenities and facilities, rooms with sea view, seasonal outdoor pools, bars, gardens, to apartments and small boutique hotels and 3 star hotels for those who want more cost-effective solutions!

Have a look at some hotels in Himarë:

  • Rea Boutique Hotel
  • Palermiti Luxury Rooms
  • Scala Bungalows
  • Sea View Hotel
  • Aphrodite Garden Rooms & Apartment
  • Janis Apartments
  • Wait 'n Sea Hotel
  • Miamar Hotel
  • Arhontiko Himarë
  • Rondos Hotel
  • Castle Hotel
  • Mare Bed & Breakfast Hotel
  • Hotel Panorama
  • Hotel Prinos
  • Rapo's Resort Hotel
  • Himarë Downtown Hostel
  • Villa Marine Blue

Things to do in Himarë

Himarë is a city rich with many things to do both at sea and on land! You can enjoy many activities , amazing day trips, relax on its pristine, tranquil beaches, sample delectable cuisines from around the world and visit amazing must-visit attractions.

Below is a guide of things to see and enjoy during your stay in the Himarë!

  • Visit the Old Castle: on the hills dominates the castle which, although ruined, is still beautiful as within its walls there is an old stone village and cobbled streets that are worth visiting. From the top the view of Himara is stunning.You can take the bus or walk to the top
  • Visit Palasa village: is a village in Himarë municipality (13 klm from the town), Vlorë County, southern Albania. It is located near the Llogara National Park and next to the Ionian coast on the Albanian Riviera. Another not-to-be-missed attraction in the village of Palasa is a beautiful church that houses unique altar paintings and ceilings painted by local artists
  • Enjoy Full Day tours: If you are a fan of organized single-day excursions, you can find some very interesting ones in Himarë for every budget. These full day trips can last from 2 to 6 hours. So start planning your escape to Porto Palermo, Qeparo, Borsh, Jale and Gjipe Beach
  • Enjoy a Xhiro Along the Boulevard: a Xhiro means "walk" and this is done by all the locals, not only in Himara, but all over Albania to gather along the main avenues to meet with their friends and enjoy the sunset
  • Hire a Kayak and Go to the secret beach ‘GJIRI I FILIKURIT’: to the south of Himarë town center there is a beach known as Gjiri i Filikurit. The route to the beach is quite difficult and with a short descent by a rope.Alternatively to reach it you can take a boat or a kayak!
  • Visit Qeparo Village: has a breathtaking location, right after the Palermo Bay. It’s a village which has attracted an immense number of tourists, due to it's beautiful traditional architecture, cobbled alleys and old churches. Also, in the village, sits the castle of Ali Pasha Tepelena, which was designed by the French Army architect and nowadays displays special architectonic and touristic values
  • Visit the Beaches of Himarë: for ultimate enjoyment and relaxation on unique beaches that offer activities and relaxation in a beach bar
  • Pirates' Cave: is a natural karstic cave made famous by the book by Peter Marco and then by the movie of the same name. It is located on the same hill as the monastery of St. Theodore. Located on steep cliffs, in the middle of a deep sea, the cave has significant tourist values that remind you of the Middle Ages. According to legend, the cave was once a refuge for pirates and ships. It can only be reached by sea
  • The stone in the sky: at the top of Mount Messimer there is a giant stone, several tons in weight, which is set up horizontally and stands on two vertically raised stones. It is called "The Stone in the Sky" by the locals and is thought by researchers to be a dolmen. Thus this object appears to have been raised in prehistoric times as some others throughout Europe and beyond (similar to Stonehenge) has been an object of worship, the cult, for the ancient inhabitants of these areas. To this day, Vranisht Dolmen is considered the only one, not only in Albania but perhaps more widely in the Balkans
  • Porto Palermo Cave: is located near the former submarine base which is still under the auspices of the army. It is a karstic cave created by limestone activity and its length is only a few meters from each direction. The entrance has been severely damaged and no formal excavations or investigations have been made into its history. It is mainly famous for its scenic and tourist attractions as well as the idyllic beaches surrounding it. It is also a very interesting destination for exploration and diving
  • Porto Palermo Peninsula: a few klm south of Himara, in the bay of Porto Palermo, there is a small peninsula where there is a fortress said to have been built by Tepedeli Ali Pasha in the early 19th century. However, it is likely to be much older, probably built by the Republic of Venice around the same time as the similarly constructed fortress at Butrint
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