Ferry to Albania

Passengers who are traveling by ferry to Albania are reaching a small country on the west of the Balkan Peninsula which is facing the Adriatic and Ionian Seas!

Board on the ferry to Albania and explore a beautiful country facing both the Adriatic and the Ionian Seas. Every year, thousands of tourists visit Albania and have perfect vacations combining sunbathing in its long sandy beaches, hiking in the many mountainous terrains such as on the Albanian Alps, sightseeing and shopping.

Tourism in Albania increases greatly in summer due to the fact that its coast is very lively with plenty of beach bars, hotels and restaurants while the waters are stunning. The most high-traffic towns in the Albanian riviera are Durres, Vlora, Ksamil and Saranda and deeper in the mainland, the capital Tirana and Petrele, Elbasan, Fier, Gjirokaster and Korce.

During your tour in Albania, there are many more things to do except for spending time at the beaches. Most of its part is mountainous, thus it provides graphical traditional villages and interesting hiking paths with dazzling views as a payoff. Moreover, Albania’s history and landmarks are very compelling and attractive and knowing better where you are stepping your feet on will definitely make your vacation even more enjoyable.

The Albania country is adjacent to Montenegro and Kosovo on the north, North Macedonia on the east, Greece on the south and is facing Italy’s Bari on the west.
Albania’s main port is Durres while the ones in Vlora and Saranda follow. There are many ferry connections throughout the year especially to and from Italy with the most popular ferry route being the Bari to Durres.

Book your ferry tickets to Albania in advance so as to have it all planned for your vacations and also to make sure that you find capacity at your desired dates.


Popular Routes to Albania

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