Ferry to Levanzo

Passengers debarking from the ferry to Levanzo are landing on an unspoiled island which also contains the famous prehistoric cave “Grotta del Genovese”!

Tourists who are journeying to Levanzo are mostly seeking relaxation and a getaway from everyday rhythms in summer months. This Aegadian island offers great beaches, an underwater world and interesting hiking trails. Walking on the west of Levanzo you can find the enormous “Faraglione'' rock in the sea and continuing the path there is also a famous cave called Cala Minnola, good for diving and laying under the hot summer sun. In the end of the way there is the island’s highest point, Pizzo del Monaco, perfect for taking pictures and having a wider view of the entire island and the Mediterranean Sea. It is notable to say that it needs some effort to climb but the result will definitely not disappoint. If somebody, though, wants to explore more of Levanzo, then it might be necessary to take a boat tour around the island. The heart of the island is Cala Dogna, the only village on it and the place where you can find shops and small markets, accommodation and some good traditional Italian Cuisine. Last but not least, the so-called “Grotta del Genovese '' cave could not be missed. Found in 1949, it is considered to be the island’s main attraction, containing paintings and graffiti from the Neolithic and Paleolithic times.

Isola de Levanzo is an Aegadian island, on the west of Trapani with an area of approx. 6 square kilometers and around 450 inhabitants. Ferry routes Levanzo happen from and to Favignana and Marettimo with most of them occurring in high season months.

Levanzo Port

Levanzo port is situated in the southernmost part of the island and is facing Favignana, both being western of Trapani in the immense Sicily. The port is a component of the main village and this is where most hotels and restaurants are based. 

Note that, in Levanzo there is no public transportation. The only way to get around is on foot, by renting a bicycle, by doing boat tours or by being transported by the local company Levanzo in Barca

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