Ferry to Trapani

Passengers traveling by ferry to Trapani arrive in the most famous spot in the west of Sicily as it is the only major port, with a crescent-shaped coastline!

Trapani boasts a long history which, according to myth and legend, all began when something fell off the back of a lorry. The rather more mundane reality is that Trapani was founded by the Elymians, who used it as an agricultural center for their hill-top fortress town of Erice Trapani is the perfect port, and fishing village, being set on a low peninsula stretching in an arc into the sea, the housing of the city melting into plains of salt pans, valuable to the region’s economy. Trapani apart from its ancient trade in tuna, fishing, and salt, also deals in olives and wine, and in recent years has begun to flourish. Trapani produces more wine than Austria, Chile, Hungary, or the region of Tuscany.

The first thing to visit is the Trapani Old Town and the fish market which are good ways to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a Sicilian city. Via Garibaldi, Corso Italia and Corso Vittorio Emanuele are the oldest streets. And if you’re a shopping lover, you will for sure enjoy the Via Giovanni Battista Fardella, the main shopping street of the city, with its cafes, restaurants, shoes and clothing shops. It’s certainly to visit the most famous nearby village, Erice is perched on a rocky cliff at more than 750 meters above sea level, offering a magnificent view of Trapani, the Aegadian Islands and San Vito Lo Capo.

Trapani is special for its traditions, passed down through the centuries and always reserving new surprises for its visitors.

Trapani Port

Trapani port, in the westernmost part of Sicily and in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, is a port of great importance which serves both tourists and heavy loads of cargo. Consequently, it is a large area containing commercial, fishing, yacht and cruise piers. The historical square of Trapani is next to the docks and there you will see many shopping centers, restaurants and cafes along with beautiful buildings.

If you are searching for ways to leave or enter the seaport of Trapani, you can check below your alternatives:

How to Get Around Trapani

Trapani has a very well developed public transportation network due to its high traffic, especially in high season periods and getting around can be achieved either by the use of buses or taxis. 


There are bus stops right outside the port and all over the city. You can learn more about the itineraries in Trapani Buses.


Book a taxi in Trapani Taxis or catch one from the many crossing the streets of the city.

Trapani Airport to Trapani Port

Trapani Birgi Airport (Aeroporto di Trapani Vincenzo Florio) is situated right between Trapani and Marsala. There are two options so as to travel from the airport to Trapani port and these are:

By Bus

Use the local AST buses which operate from the airport's arrivals terminals towards the port of Trapani. More and detailed information in Trapani Airport Buses.

By Taxi

Grab a taxi from outside the airport and arrive in Trapani in less than 20 minutes. If you prefer to book one beforehand, please check Trapani Airport Taxis.

By Private Transfer

There are private buses which can serve you quickly if you do not want to wait for a bus or a taxi. In order to book one, please visit Trapani Airport Private Transfers.

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