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Ferry to Marmaris - Amazing scape from Selimiye Village in Marmaris, Turkey. Marmaris is near the Mediterranean Sea. Beautiful destination for vacation.
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Passengers who travel by the ferry to Marmaris, arrive in one of the dreamiest towns in the Muğla Province, which is among the trendiest tourist destinations!

Having a population of 32,000 inhabitants, the city experiences a massive influx every summer wherein over 200,000 enthusiastic tourists come here to party, eat, sunbathe and have a great time.

Evidence shows traces of settlement in the region dating back to the 6th century. However, Marmaris developed into a proper town towards the late 1200s. While the city’s tumultuous history resembles that of nearby Rhodes, the concept of Marmaris as a modern seaside retreat started to take shape only in the 1980s. Surrounded by mountains in a cozy nook on the southwestern coast of Turkey, Marmaris is a classic Mediterranean escape that ought to be on every avid traveler’s bucket list.

It is very important that you have organized your ferry to Marmaris in advance, having arranged all the details. You don't want something to go wrong and you can achieve perfect holidays with a great organization.

Ferry connections to Marmaris

At maintime, the main ferry connection between Greece and Marmaris is served through Rhodes. The island of Rhodes is approximately 25 nautical miles from Marmaris and the ferry journey lasts about 1 hr. There are several weekly crossings throughout the year. During the summer, in particular, the ferry route is served once a day.

Below are some of the most popular itineraries to the ferry port of Marmari:

Ferry from Rhodes to Marmaris short one-hour journey, there are 13 sailings on this route per week. Services depart twice daily, and operate every day. The duration of the journey is approximately 1h.

Port of Marmaris

Sheltered by Keçi and Yıldız islands, Marmaris Port is a calm and easily approachable harbor located 10 minutes away from the city center. As a natural deep-water port, it is perfect for docking large cruise ships and ro-ro ferries. The port has three quays to handle all kinds of commercial boats and a marina for private yachts.

Passengers arriving with cruise or ferry tickets to Marmaris have access to a modern terminal with restaurants, duty-free shopping, ATMs, WCs, tourist information, public phones, and a taxi rank. Immigration and customs are also in the terminal building, making the entire process of entering the city a smooth and quick affair.

Marmaris Port to Dalaman Airport

The distance between Marmaris Port to Dalaman Airport (DLM) is approximately 2 hours including transfers. You can get to the Marmaris Port easily by shuttle bus and taxi. See below your alternatives in further detail.


There is direct connection by shuttle bus from Dalaman Airport (DLM) to Marmaris. In Dalaman Airport Bus you will be provided more information.


The taxi stand is just outside of the terminal in close proximity to the Arrivals hall. Please, visit Dalaman Airport Taxis to organize your transportation.

Transportation in Marmaris

  • The local minibus, known as Dolmus, is your best option for transportation around the town and neighboring cities. Although every Dolmus has a fixed route, they pick up and drop passengers along the way. For further details, check Dolmus Marmaris
  • Taxis are advisable if you are short on time. However, they are considerably more expensive. While there are metered taxis in town, you can still bargain for a fixed fare before heading out. Please, visit Marmaris Taxis for more information
  • By car or bicycle it is best for tourists planning on spending more than a couple of days in Marmaris, especially since the central parts of the city are walkable. Travelers who might have missed the chance to arrive with ferry tickets to Marmaris can enjoy the uplifting nature of the sea by taking a boat taxi to İçmeler and Turunç, the two most popular resort towns in the district

Holidays in Marmaris

As a big-time favourite, Marmaris has some of the most beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean coast and a pumping nightlife scene to boot. You’ll find remote coves, waterfalls and mountains to explore, plus waterparks and grand bazaars. Nibble on classic Turkish delight and check out the all-singing, all-dancing cabarets by night.

Best Beaches in Marmaris

A paradise for sunseekers, the beaches of Marmaris are your doorway to calm blue-green waters that never fail to refresh and rejuvenate.

Hereunder, are some of the most popular beaches in Marmaris:

  • Marmaris Long Beach: Centrally located and boasting of a palm tree-lined promenade, which is a 10km stretch of sand bordering the warm waters of the Mediterranean. Hotels, bars, restaurants, and shops line the other side of the strip, keeping the shoreline energetic throughout the day. On the beach, you can lounge on sunbeds or partake in water sports. The eastern end of the coast, known as Halk Plajı, is where you’ll find the photo-worthy Marmaris city banner Marmaris Long Beach is also where everyone comes post sundown to enjoy the city’s nightlife
  • Cleopatra Beach: One of the best beaches in Marmaris, Cleopatra is a quick 25-minute drive to the north from the city center. Located on Sedir Island, you can take a boat to the beach from Çamlı village. Set aside the entire day for this excursion as there is much to see on Sedir. As for the beach, legend has it that Cleopatra and Mark Anthony swam in this gorgeous bay with transparent aquamarine waters. Moreover, the sand here is said to have come from the Red Sea. On the island, you will also come across several Roman ruins, including a theater and ancient city walls
  • Turunç Beach: Turunç is a quiet fishing village turned resort, 30 minutes from Marmaris, slowly gaining popularity among vacationers. The Taurus Mountains border the Blue Flag accredited beach at Turunç, giving it a cozy atmospheric appeal. While the setting is picturesque, the coast remains animated thanks to various cafes, markets, and a marina. On this 300-meter-long shingle beach, you can rent sun loungers, shop, eat, and swim in the clear waters all day long for that classic Turkish Rivera experience
  • İçmeler Beach: İçmeler is a resort village, 8km from Marmaris, in the southwestern part of the bay. Even though the beach here is crowded, it is a must-visit for all first-time visitors. The 6km long sandy stretch borders the bluest of waters you will find in the region, perfect for families as well as those wishing to snorkel. For entertainment, there are water sports, bars, and cafés. If you would rather relax, sunbeds are available for rent
  • Çiftlik Beach: Unlike some of the top beaches in Marmaris, Çiftlik Beach is not in a sheltered bay and opens up to the sea. Consequently, not many tourists come here, giving it a slightly old-world charm. Located to the south of Marmaris, you can reach this shingle strand by driving for an hour or taking a boat taxi from the town’s harbor. Sun loungers and restaurants will make your stay comfortable, but the place is a little exclusive and more expensive than other beaches

Hotels in Marmaris

In Marmaris, there is a long list of hotels that can satisfy the visitors' high expectations and ensure them a pleasant stay. There are luxury resorts and 5-star hotels and all-inclusive hotels with grandiose interiors, elegant and uniquely decorated rooms, lush gardens, panoramic views, huge swimming pools and spas, but also mid-range hotels with many amenities and budget hotels with basic rooms with good value for money and services.

Check out some of the hotels in Marmaris:

  • Poseidon
  • Elegance
  • Labranda Mares
  • Grand Azur
  • Blue Bay Platinum
  • Voxx Beach Resort
  • Yunus Hotel
  • Begonville
  • Julian Club
  • Sunway Hotel
  • Aqua Hotel
  • Alkan Hotel

Things to do in Marmaris

The city promises an action-filled holiday that is a far cry from seaside resorts where you spend days doing nothing under the sun. From scenic boat trips and historical sites to water sports, pulsating nightlife, activities for children, and gastronomic pleasures, there is not a second to waste or slow down when in Marmaris.

  • Explore Marmaris Old Town & Castle: Lording it up over the harbor, Marmaris Castle and the surrounding cobblestone lanes of the old town are the town's major historic tourist attractions. The castle was used as the staging ground for Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent's Ottoman troops, when they recaptured the island of Rhodes
  • Take the Dalyan River Boat Trip: The most popular tourist attraction in Marmaris, the Dalyan River Boat Trip, is a two-and-a-half-hour adventure you do not want to miss. For you get to enjoy a jam-packed outing that includes swimming in the open waters, lounging on Turtle Beach, taking a mud bath, and the opportunity to see the impressive Carian rock-cut tombs while sailing on a small wooden boat
  • Have Fun at Atlantis Water Park: Marmaris has two water parks. Both Aqua Dream and Atlantis water parks are excellent options for a family day out. The latter of the two is bigger and offers a broader range of activities and rides. From slides and wave pools to bumper boats and kiddie pools, Atlantis has the advantage of being next to the beach, where you can lounge on free sunbeds
  • Drive along the Datça Peninsula: For a highly scenic road trip, hire a car for a day to drive Turkey's Datça and Bozburun Peninsulas. Marmaris sits just east from these two peninsulas and is the perfect springboard to discover the rugged coastline scenery they both offer
  • Discover Marmaris National Park: Marmaris National Park covers most of the rocky, forested coastline that rims the blue waters of Marmaris Bay, stretching eastwards from the bustle of Marmaris town
  • Hop on the Blue Cruise: Sailing in with ferry tickets to Marmaris is the perfect introduction to the region’s beauty as witnessed from the sea. For a more immersive experience, book a cruise on the traditional wooden sailing boat called a gulet. Ranging from 20 to 30 meters in length, these boats are from the Bodrum region. A typical liveaboard cruise on a gulet lasts a week and consists of visiting hard-to-reach beaches, eating fresh seafood preparations, and taking in the splendor of Turkey’s Turquoise Coast. Blue Cruises range in price and are very much in demand in July and August
    Dive amid Ruins in Marmaris Bay: There are around 50 dive sites accessible from Marmaris though, obviously, diving here in the Aegean Sea is not going to offer colorful coral reefs and tropical fish
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