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Ferrry to Rhodes - Iconic view on golden bell and typical blue. White church on Greek Island Kalymnos, Greece.
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Travelers who are cruising with the ferry to Rhodes are reaching the largest island in the Dodecanese complex which is also known as the Island of the Knights!

One of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, the immense landmark of the island, Colossus of Rhodes, used to be standing proudly at the gates of the old port. Behind the gates is the imposing Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights with the medieval town, which is almost untouched by time. Going northwest, you will find the new Rhodes town with its modern buildings, hotels, boutiques and of course, lively bars. Rhodes is not only the biggest Dodecanese Island but also the 4th largest in Greece so it offers plenty of things to do and sites to watch during your stay.

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Getting to Rhodes by ferry

Getting to Rhodes is easy, with few shipping companies offering many connections throughout the year between the port of Piraeus in the Greek mainland and the port of Rhodes. The journey is long and there are no high-speed ferries operating this route so it would be much more convenient to book a cabin in order to have a comfortable crossing. Furthermore, it is also possible to jump to Rhodes from the surrounding islands in the Aegean or even from Turkey

Some popular ferry routes to Rhodes are:

Rhodes ferry port

Rhodes ferry port is located in Rhodes main city in the northern part of the island, south of Turkey’s coast, Marmaris. It is worth mentioning that it is called Rhodes Touristic Port and it's different than Mandraki which lies a few meters northern. The port is part of the ancient city of Rhodes where you can find plenty of interesting archeological landmarks along with cafeterias, bars, restaurants, boutiques and charming promenades.

After you get off your ship, you will have to use the following transportation means so as to reach your accommodation:


There are two public bus transfer services on Rhodes island with daily connections:

  • The R.O.D.A. buses (blue-white) connect the town with the Rhodes port, the airport, the suburban areas and the entire west coast. For more information, please visit the Rhodes R.O.D.A. Bus or call +30 22410 26300, +30 22410 24129. The central terminal station is in Averof Street near the Rimini Sq.
  • The KTEL buses (yellow-orange) connect the east coast villages and resorts. For more information, please visit the Rhodes KTEL Bus or call +30 22410 24268, +30 22410 27706. The central terminal station is on Rimini Square, 17 M. Konstantinou str., Rhodes city.


In order to schedule a taxi transfer, please visit the Rhodes Taxis or call +30 22410 27666, +30 22410 65555, +30 22410 69800.

Rhodes Airport to Rhodes Port

Rhodes airport abstains approx. 15 km from the port so getting there is easy and fast. There are two options of transition and these are:


Take the R.O.D.A. Bus just outside of the airport arrivals terminals and reach the port in less than 40 minutes with the cost of 3 Euros.


There are plenty of taxis waiting to pick you up after you exit the airport. It is the fastest and most comfortable way of transportation but also the most expensive one. Grab one and go to the port in Rhodes main city in 15 minutes with the price of 50 Euros.

Holiday in Rhodes

Being the 4th largest island in Greece, it provides many things to do while on your Rhodes holiday. It has a rich and interesting history from the early ages and there are some remains that are definitely worth the visit. Except for the educational part, stunning beaches with beach bars, beautiful paths for strolling, delicious traditional cuisine, graphical cafes which turn into bars at nights and of course, luxurious hotels and resorts, all can be found in this beautiful Greek island, Rhodes.

Below, you are given some examples of some of the most interesting attractions to watch, best beaches to swim and sunbathe at and best hotels to stay:

Places to Visit

Rhodes’ capital is a charming cosmopolitan town but not the only one on the island. There are other villages like Emponas, Apollona, Eleousa, Lardou, Archangelos, Kalithea, Lindos and more which require a visit. Each one of them is unique and has to offer magical landscapes like the Colossus of Rhodes, the Castle of the Old Town and the town itself, the Butterfly Valley, Filerimos Hill, the Acropolis in Lindos and the Seven Springs. There is also a big water park, ideal to spend time with your kids.

Hotels in Rhodes

The hotels in Rhodes vary, from cheap to expensive ones with high-quality facilities and services and many luxuries like private pools, gyms and spas. There is also the opportunity of booking an airbnb apartment or a villa.

Here are some suggestions of the best hotels in Rhodes according to visitors:

  • Casa Cook
  • Holiday Village
  • Electra Palace
  • Sunshine
  • Amathus Beach Hotel
  • Sensatori
  • Eden Roc

Rhodes Beaches

Some of Rhodes beaches are having a place among Greece’s best beaches. Golden sand, umbrellas, sunbeds, chilling music, beach bars and even water-sport activities are found on the island’s beaches.

During your stay, you definitely have to pay a visit to the following beaches:

  • Ixia Beach
  • Amathus Beach
  • Elli
  • Agathi

Island hopping from Rhodes

Island-hopping from Rhodes to the other Dodecanese Islands is easy and relatively fast due to their close distance and the operation of high-speed ferries. Many tourists grab the opportunity and jump to Symi, Karpathos, Kasos, Kos, Kalymnos and more or even to some of the Cyclades Islands and Crete in periods with high traffic.
Apart from the Greek Islands, it is possible to take the ferries from Rhodes to Turkey’s coastal cities Marmaris, Datca, Bodrum and Fethiye. Each journey doesn’t last more than 2 hours and in high-season months there are daily crossings.

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