Ferry to Marsala

Visitors who arrive by ferry to Marsala are debarking on a very famous port due to Giuseppe Garibaldi’s docking and of its delicious and awarded wine!

Tourists who travel Marsala with ferries are going to have plenty of things to do during their stay in the town. Marsala is considered a city of great importance because of its strategic position which serves many routes to the Mediterranean and has for sure a lot to offer to its visitors, from rich history to excellent relaxing beaches and tasteful Italian cuisine and of course, the famous Marsala wine. In the center of the city you can find countless shops, boutiques, bars and restaurants and also the historic sites which are the bust of Giuseppe Garibaldi, the Museum of Tapestries and the ancient building now become the Town Hall. The baroque style church dedicated to St. Thomas of Canterbury and the gorgeous Palazzo VII Aprile cannot be missed from your list too. Going to the beaches of Marsala is a nice idea since they offer clean waters, plenty of sand and beach bars or restaurants where you can relax under the hot sun and enjoy a refreshing cocktail or meal next to the sea.

Last but not least, Marsala is not only famous because of the Italian liberator Giuseppe Garibaldi but also for its delicious worldwide famous wine. It is definitely worth the try along with some original Italian meal.

Marsala is located in the westernmost side of Sicily and is also the fifth most populated city in Sicily with a population of around 83.000 inhabitants.

Ferry routes Marsala occur from and to Favignana, Marettimo and Levanzo especially in summer months.

Marsala Port

The small but busy Marsala port is situated in the middle-west part of the city, southeastern of the three Egadi Islands. Known as Porticciolo di Marsala and Porto Turistico too, the port is modern containing snack bars and grocery stores. It is also very close to the town where most hotels and apartments are based. 

Below, information is provided on how to reach the port of Marsala either from the city center of from Trapani Airport "Vincenzo Florio".

Marsala Center to Marsala Port

In order to enter Marsala port from the city center which abstains only 3 km, you have the following option:


Grab a taxi from the street or call +39 337 896 010 to organize your transfer.

Trapani Airport to Marsala Port

After landing in Trapani Airport "Vincenzo Florio", take advantage of the transportation means referred below in order to reach Marsala port:


Take the bus from the arrivals terminals and reach Marsala port in around 30 minutes. More information in Trapani Airport Buses.


There are many taxis waiting to pick you up. Get in one or call +39 337 896 010 to book it beforehand.

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