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Passengers travelling by ferry to Mathraki arrive at one of the most isolated Greek islands, which visit for absolute peace and tranquility, located near Corfu!

Mathraki belongs to the Diapontia island complex along with Erikoussa and Othoni.
Mathraki is usually visited by people who enjoy isolation and privacy. With hardly any facilities and a lush green natural setting, it makes a great day-trip destination from Corfu!
The island of Mathraki is famous for its 2 km long sandy beach, with intermittent rocky shade, which stretches along the entire length of the eastern side of the island. On the west side, a short walk from the church of Kato Mathraki leads to different and varied beaches opposite the satellite island of Trachia.
On your left is a small pier and a large stone beach with cliffs stretching out to a spectacular view far out to sea. To your right is the large sheltered curved bay of Feki. You can descend to it by several paths. The island is dotted with other bays that are accessible from land without the need for a boat.

Book your ferry tickets to Mathraki in advance and spend a few days on this virgin island where anxiety and stress are words unknown since the island has a laid back atmosphere, ideal for relaxation.

Getting to Mathraki by ferry

Getting to Mathraki only from the island of Corfu. During summer, boats start from Corfu Town, Sidari and Agios Stefanos to Mathraki. The ferry departs 3 times per week, all year round.


Mathraki ferry port

The ferry port of Mathraki is located in the top north east corner of the island, at the village Chorio where some houses can also be found around Plakes, the name of the port. The port is small and is generally not very busy but is busiest in the summer.

Transportation in Mathraki

Mathraki is a lovely island that is really worth visiting and exploring.
As Mathraki is a quite small island, there is no need for a wide transportation network. Therefore, there are no public buses and you will only spot a few cars in the whole region. However, there is a possibility to find a taxi. In general, the most popular way to move around is by taxi or sea bus.

Bellow you will find some options for you to move around:


A taxi might be a more expensive option, compared to buses for instance, however, it is definitely a choice that offers you easy and fast transfer to your destination. Taxis can be usually found in central spots but you can also book one by calling on 0030 694 8278 038.

Sea buses

A few times per week sea buses depart either from the old port of Corfu or from Agios Stefanos port in Corfu with direction to Mathraki.

Holidays in Mathraki

Mathraki is an isolated island on the north of Corfu. It belongs to the Diapontia complex and provides the perfect place for total privacy and relaxation. There are no sites in Mathraki, except hiking and swimming in secluded beaches. Tourism in Mathraki is not developed at all. There are only a few rooms to rent and a couple of taverns on the island. However, this is the reason that Mathraki has remained such a beautiful and unspoiled place. The entire island is covered with greenery that consists of olive trees, pine trees, and cypresses.

Mathraki beaches

Beaches in Mathraki Greece stand out for their crystal water and amazing natural background. The most famous beach is Portello. The other Mathraki beaches are mostly rocky coves. All Mathraki beaches can be accessed by foot from the port.

Below is a list of the best beaches in Mathraki island:

  • Portello amazes visitors with its large size, the crystal water and the sandy beach. Actually, this is the only sandy beach in Mathraki. It can be reached through an asphaulted road or on foot from Plakes
  • Arvanitiko is a rocky coast that can be easily reached by boat or on foot from Chorio. The clean water, the wild landscape and the calm ambience attract a few visitors
  • Kontrakas is a small rocky cove with crystal water. Surrounded by much greenery, Kontrakas can be reached on foot or through an asphaulted road
  • Fyki is actually a large bay with several rock formations in the sea. The clean water and the beautiful ambience attract some swimmers, who come on foot from Plakes or by boat

Accommodation in Mathraki

There are a small range of privately owned attractive accommodations, studios and hotels on the Island, each with their own charm and appeal.

Below you will find a list of Mathraki hotels:

  • Hotel of Tassos Kasimis
  • Argyros Beachside Houses
  • Kato Mathraki House of Tasos Geis
  • Corfu Paradise Mathraki

Island hopping around Mathraki

Mathraki is the smallest island of the island cluster called the "Diapontia Islands" of Corfu and so you can visit Othoni and Ereikousa which are the other two inhabited islands of the cluster.


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