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Ferry to Methana - Tavern on the waterfront of the resort town of Methana in Peloponnese in Greece.
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Take a ferry to Methana and spend your holidays on this amazing town that is actually a volcanic peninsula in the Argosaronic Gulf that emerged from the sea!

Methana is located on a peninsula attached to the Peloponnese. The town was actually once an island but due to many eruptions and earthquakes it got attached to the mainland of the south east Peloponesse with a narrow passageway called “Steno”.

The peninsula of Methana is a very popular tourist destination for locals and tourists not only for its proximity to the capital of Greece, Athens but because it is also a place of natural beauty with amazing landscapes and charming scenery. It’s an ideal destination for weekend breaks or holidays all year round.
Methana is mostly visited for its natural thermal baths but the entire region is one of pure tranquility with gorgeous beaches, crystal clear waters, coastal villages and archaeological sites and monuments.

Here you have the opportunity to visit and explore a stunning volcanic landscape with impressive lava domes and craters, lush vegetation and diverse flora and fauna. The peninsula has more than 30 volcanoes scattered across the town that belong to the group of the rest of the active volcanoes of the Cycladic islands of Milos, Nisyros and Milos.

Book in advance your ferry tickets to Methana and get ready to either live a truly challenging experience climbing to the top of the largest crater of the volcano or just enjoy swimming, sunbathing and relaxing in one of the gorgeous beaches with the azure blue waters with stunning views and surroundings.

How to reach Methana

The distance between Methana and Athens is approximately 162 kilometers, just a two hours and thirty minutes drive. Moreover, there is a ferry connection from the main port of Athens, Piraeus and from some other islands of the Saronic Gulf.

  • Piraeus to Methana: Piraeus is easily accessible from downtown via bus, metro or taxi. This route operates all year round with daily routes during summer and at least 3 routes per week during winter. The sailing duration is between 1h 20 minutes and 2 hours
  • Aegina to Methana: The island of Aegina has a ferry route to Methana all year round with more than 4 routes available per week and the trip duration is approximately 50 minutes
  • Poros to Methana: Due to its proximity to Methana, the duration of the sailing between the island of Poros and Methana is only half an hour with more than 3 routes available per week

Methana ferry port

The stunning peninsula of Methana definitely resembles an island and once the ferry reaches the picturesque port in the small coastal fishing town, you will instantly feel the calm and relaxing atmosphere of an island. The harbor and the promenade in front of the lined up taverns, palm trees and cafes is perfect for romantic evening strolls by the sea. The port is near the main town so it’s easily accessible either by car or on foot and there are many tourist facilities around the port like supermarkets, pharmacies, cafes and restaurants.

Public Transport

The easiest way to move around Methana is by your own vehicle as the peninsula has a really good road network.


There is a public bus running from Athens to Methana and the other settlements around Methana.

For more information please visit KTEL to Methana.


For an easiest and faster ride to all the beaches and tourist attractions you could also book a taxi.

For more information please call: +30 697 7563458, +2298 0 92497.

Holidays in Methana

One of the main reasons to visit Methana is definitely the volcano that is in itself a truly unique experience. However, the most popular reason that people visit Methana is because it has one of oldest thermal baths in Greece.
Methana has a rich history that is testified by the many prehistoric and ancient sights that one can easily find on the peninsula. It is truly a unique destination in Greece, ideal for alternative travelers that seek for experiences off the beaten path and away from the overcrowded islands of the Aegean.

A walk through the peninsula allows you to visit its main sights:

  • Bathe in Methana hot springs, located in the village of Vromolimni. They are really popular to locals and tourists and the hot waters of the natural springs are ideal for skin diseases and rheumatism or just for some relaxing moments
  • Hike through a pine forest and ascend the inactive volcano of Methana and visit the most significant of the 30 volcanic craters, located near the Kameni Hora village.The view from the top is breathtaking
  • Visit the charming hamlet of Dritsaika that has an amazing view of the Saronic Gulf to offer
  • Follow the path from the beach on the way to Vathy Village and you will reach the Cave of Pigeons that was discovered by the locals by accident. It consists of three chambers, one with a small lake and two with impressive stalagmites
  • Follow the narrow strip of land that leads to the pine covered Agioi Anargyroi Islet
  • Visit the waterfalls at Diavologefiro

Hotels in Methana

As the town of Methana is a really popular destination there are plenty of accommodation options either around the city center or a few steps from the beach with amazing views of the Gulf. Either you choose an apartment or a hotel or a studio all of them are well equipped and close to tourist facilities like supermarkets and restaurants.

Please find below some of the best rated hotels and accommodation in Methana:

  • Hotel Apollon
  • Cavo Petra Hotel
  • Saronis Hotel
  • Villa Popi
  • Studios Nikos
  • Aerides Studios
  • Athina Methana Hotel
  • Sea View Suite
  • Akti Hotel

Beaches in Methana

As in the entire region of the Peloponnese, the peninsula of Methana has several beaches with crystal clear waters in picturesque bays or rocky shores, surrounded by lush green coves that magically combine the wild scenery of the peninsula with the endless blue of the sea.

The most popular are:

  • Limnionas Beach: the most visited beach of Methana. It’s a verdant organized beach with a charming natural landscape, fine pebbles and green- blue waters perfect for snorkeling and diving
  • Agios Georgios Methana Beach (Saint George): one of the most popular beaches, ideal for families with children as it’s a sandy beach with shallow and clean waters next to two taverns with local food
  • Vathi Methana: A quiet and beautiful beach located in the Gulf of Epidaurus. It’s a long narrow beach with volcanic pebbles
  • Agioi Anargyroi: A long organized beach with water sport facilities

Island Hopping from Methana Greece

The location of Methana on the southeast side of the Peloponnese peninsula makes it an ideal starting point for island hopping to some of the most beautiful and popular Saronic Islands with frequent direct sailings at a relatively small cost.

Get the opportunity and book your tickets for one of the following routes:

  • Methana - Aegina
  • Methana - Poros
  • Methana - Agistri
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