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Passengers who travel by ferry to Milazzo, a historical and important port city with hidden gems, are usually those who are about to visit the Aeolian Islands!

Tourists who journey with ferries to Milazzo in Sicily are arriving on an industrial port of great importance and a center of many battles and historical events over the years. Some of them are the building of the castle on the top of the city by the Arabs who once conquered the city, the battle between Spain and Austria and of another battle given by Giuseppe Garibaldi against the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.

Nowadays, Milazzo offers to its visitors a great experience by providing excellent beaches, interesting walk paths, historical sites and of course, delicious Italian food, sweets and wine. To start with, a tour on the coast at Riviera di Ponente will guarantee you a nice relaxing time under the hot summer sun in some splendid pebbled beaches with clear turquoise waters. On the northern side of the city the are also the pools of Venus which are definitely worth a visit to escape from the city rhythms. There, you can make a stop at the Lighthouse of Cape Milazzo, watch the breathtaking view and take some pictures of the magical scenery. Just up from the city you can find the famous Norman Castle with its huge walls and towers and is a must see since it is a symbol of the town and also provides a 360 degree view from uphill.

Moving forward, a walk around the historical center with its charming building and churches will definitely not disappoint. There are many shops, bars and restaurants around so you can combine your tour with a nice meal or holding an ice cream on hand which is never boring.

Milazzo is the third largest town in the Messina Metropolitan City following Barcelona Pozzo di Gotto and Messina. It also hosts approx. 31.000 inhabitants. Ferry routes Milazzo occur from and to Lipari, Panarea, Rinella, Salina, Stromboli and Vulcano especially in summer months.

Despite the numerous connections between Milazzo to the Aeolian Islands, it is highly recommended that you book your ferry tickets in advance since their capacity runs out very fast.

Milazzo Port

Milazzo port (Porto di Milazzo), northeastern of Sicily, is a historical port and very busy in summer period due to its close distance and frequent connections with the Aeolian Islands. It contains three piers which host boats, yachts and hydrofoils. In the area around, there are car/motorcycle and bicycle renting offices, public WCs, a post office, snack bars and hotels. 

If you are looking on how to reach Milazzo port from the city center, please, check below your transportation options:


There is a bus service operating all over Milazzo. Please, check Milazzo Bus for the itineraries.


Book a cab in Milazzo Taxis or grab one on the go and reach the port in no time.

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