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Ferry to Mirina - Sculptures made of Lava at the geological park of Faraklo in Lemnos Island.
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Passengers traveling by ferry to Mirina, will see a lot of small places and picturesque villages!

Mirina is built around the port at a beautiful waterfront and stretches around two bays with the cosmopolitan Roman seashore on one side and the Ottoman seashore or just “harbor” on the other side, next to the Venetian port. Along the waterfront, visitors can find numerous restaurants, bars and cafes and enjoy the local cuisine and fresh fish.

The island of Limnos has a lot of small settlements and there are plenty of picturesque places to visit. However, when traveling to the destination Mirina, visitors will want to stay in the capital, since it is one of the most beautiful settlements on the island. Upon arriving, they will notice the Venetian Castle, standing imposingly on a volcanic rock formation and conveying the sense of the town’s golden days. The history of Mirina goes far back to the bronze age and has left its traits for the tourists to follow. There is an Archeological Museum and numerous sites of historical interest. Taking a walk in the alleys of the town, visitors will admire the authentic and traditional aesthetics. Neoclassical mansions, traditional houses, Ottoman buildings and fountains, everything impressive and beautiful. Before leaving with a ferry from Mirina, take the time to visit the church Panagia Kakaviotissa and the prehistoric settlement. Follow the path to visit the Byzantine Fortress, too, which is shelter to some 200 deer, fed and fostered by the locals. For those seeking fun time and relaxation on the beach, plenty of lovely sandy beaches are available. Very close by to Mirina you will find Riha Nera, which is among the prettiest on the Island and also provides facilities for watersports.

The capital of Limnos island is inhabited by about 5000 people. It was named after the spouse of the first king of Limnos. Ferry routes Mirina Limnos connect the port to the harbors of Agios Efstratios, Ikaria, Chios, Fourni, Kavala, Lavrio, Lesvos, Mykonos, Piraeus, Samos and Syros. Please check isferry’s Mirina timetable to plan and organize your journey to Mirina Limnos.

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