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Passengers traveling by ferry to Nador arrive at a coastal city and provincial capital in the northeastern Rif region of Morocco in the Mediterranean!

Nador was founded in the 19th century by local Berber tribes and was under Spanish rule until Morocco’s independence in 1956. It is said that the name of the city may have originated either from the name “Ηas Nador” a small settlement near the lagoon or from the arabic word “nadar” meaning “sight”.

By taking Ferry routes to Nador, visitors will arrive at a wonderful city that lies in the north-eastern part of Morocco on the Bhar Amezzyan lagoon. The 180,000 inhabitants of Nador are mainly dependent upon the fishery and agriculture industry but tourism is becoming more and more important. Another source of income for the area is dealing with textiles, chemicals and metallurgical industries. The proximity to the Spanish city of Melilla is an important factor for the development of international trade which is constantly growing.

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Nador ferry connections

Car and passenger regular ferries connect Spain and France with Morocco all year round.
The most common and frequent routes are linking the Moroccan city with Sete in France and Barcelona in Spain.

Ferry from Sete to Nador

The ferry from Sete to Nador operates 1 or 2 times per week depending on seasonality with a trip duration of about 37 to 44 hours. It is recommended to book a cabin for a more comfortable voyage. Our updated booking engine is available for more detailed information, schedules and prices.

Ferry from Barcelona to Nador

Taking the ferry from Barcelona to Nador with a trip duration of 29 hours you will enjoy a relaxing journey with all the facilities the ship can provide. A reservation in advance by using our booking engine is the best option for the best discounts and offers.

Nador port

When traveling to the destination Nador in Morocco, one will arrive at Beni Enzar, on the edge of Nador, which is home to Nador Ferry Port, one of the most crucial fishing ports on the Mediterranean coast and with modern naval shipyards. Close to the ferry port there are facilities for the passengers like coffee shops, restaurants and ATMs as well as a parking lot.

How to reach the port of Nador

The port of Nador is located about 13 kilometers from the city center. By car you can follow the N15 road which connects Nador city with Beni Ansar or Ensar in Spanish and then there are signs to the ferry port. Beni Ansar Railway Station is a 40 - minute walk from the port. A good idea is to share a “petit taxi” as the locals call it for a more convenient transfer. Be careful to ask the price before getting in. 

Nador - Al Aaroui International Airport to Nador Port

At a distance of 24 km southwest of Nador city and 30 km from Nador Ferry Port lies the Nador-Al Aaroui International Airport. The only means of transport to and from the Airport are private cars and Grand Taxis as there is no public transport available. In front of the terminal there is a large paid short term parking. For more information you can call +212 522 435 858

Holidays in Nador

The mild Mediterranean climate and the beautiful beaches have turned this place into a growing tourist paradise. With its avenues, palm-lined boulevards and brand new marina, hotels, cafés, banks, shops and restaurants Nador constitutes an appealing destination for those who are looking for exotic holidays.

Beaches in Nador

Below you can find some of Nador Beaches mostly visited by the tourists during their vacation:

  • Carablanca Beach, one of the most beautiful places with turquoise waters but with no amenities located to the South East of the “Cape of the Three Forks”. At a distance of about 28 km from the city of Nador but closer to Melilla you can find the beach which is surrounded by picturesque cliffs between the mountains. To reach the beach you have to walk about 1 km on a path.
  • Tcharrana Beach, usually a bit crowded during the high season, is easily accessible by car as there is a car park just close.There is a beach restaurant nearby.
  • Tibouda Beach is a virgin place with no facilities but with golden sand and crystal waters. It takes about one hour walking but you will be compensated by the beauty of nature and the purity of the sea.
  • El Kallat is a very pleasant clean beach ideal for families and friends with nice restaurants and a range of facilities like water sports and other activities.

Hotels in Nador

There is a varied range of hotels in Nador to choose according to your budget and preferences.
Below you can find some proposals:

  • Hotel Mercure Nador Rif
  • Hotel Nakhil Nador
  • Lagoon Resort Nador
  • Nador Jadid Luxury Apartment
  • Riad Nador

Sightseeing in Nador

While in Nador city you can explore the city on foot or you can take the opportunity to make short excursions to the outskirts and see some of the sites listed below:

  • Nador souk is the town marketplace where everything is sold. From spices and green herbs to fruits and vegetables and from local souvenirs and metal objects to clothes and jewelry. Feel the lively atmosphere and smell the scents while strolling through the narrow streets and bargaining Spanish products imported from Melilla
  • A walk along the Nador corniche for admiring the beautiful views of the Sebka Bou Areg Lagoon. The well known Mar Chica is the gathering place of locals and tourists to spend a pleasant evening by the lagoon
  • Mount Gourougou, which rises 890 m above sea level, is located near the lagoon of Nador. Having a wonderful view of the Mediterranean is an ideal place for hikers and walkers
  • A short trip to Melilla, the historic autonomous Spanish exclave, located on the northwest coast of Africa is highly recommended. Situated at a distance of 15 km away from Nador is worth visiting due to its multiethnic character, the historical buildings and sites as well as the museums and churches
  • Before leaving Morocco with the Ferry from Nador, tourists should definitely visit some of the cliff top cafes that can be found within a range of 60 km. They should try a cup of mint tea and soak in the breathtaking view of the sea
  • Through Nador ferry timetables tourists can find out how to get to Nador and maybe visit the village of Kariet Arkmane which has major freshwater and saline sites for the bird and wildlife enthusiasts. There they can admire the beauty and grace of the great flamingo amongst other creatures, as well as breathtaking view of the sea
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