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Ferry to Palermo - Beautiful sculpture of the famous fountain of shame on baroque Piazza Pretoria, Palermo, Sicily, Italy.
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Passengers who are disembarking from the ferry to Palermo are visiting an ancient city in the northwest of Sicily, very rich in terms of history and culture!

The city of Palermo in Italy is Sicily’s capital and is facing the Tyrrhenian Sea and features 2700 years of history. Its culture, architecture and gastronomy are worldwide known and appeal lots of people every year. Since it is located in the Gulf of Palermo, the city attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year for its beaches under the Mediterranean sunny weather and the monumental old town itself.

While in the city of Palermo, you will find a large architectural heritage and many Norman buildings. The Palermo Cathedral, which is located at Corso Vittorio Emanuele, has a long history which has led to an accumulation of different architectural styles and is definitely a point of interest for tourists, as it is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Except for the Cathedral, there are other numerous landmarks you should definitely visit during your stay in Palermo.

Book in advance your ferry tickets to Palermo and enjoy a delightful holiday!

How to get to Palermo by ferry

Palermo’s essential port has highly developed ferry routes with many other Italian ports. Get to Palermo by ferry by using the:

  • Naples to Palermowith a crossing which lasts approx. 11 hours. Due to the long duration, it would be sensible to book a bed cabin in order to have a more relaxed and comfortable journey
  • Genoa to Palermowhich lasts almost 20 hours
  • Livorno to Palermo with a duration of around 18 hours
  • Salerno to Palermo with a journey of about 11 hours

Port of Palermo

The ferry port Palermo is situated in the eastern side of the city, looking at the Aeolian Islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is considered to be one of the leading ports of the Mediterranean Sea in terms of passenger traffic and plays an important role for Sicily’s economy.

After landing in Palermo International Airport or arriving in the city of Palermo, get information on how to approach the port:

Palermo International Airport to Palermo Port

Upon arrival at the Palermo International Airport, you can get to the Palermo ferry port easily by shuttle bus, train and taxi.

Shuttle Bus

Every 30 minutes shuttle buses depart from the Palermo airport to Palermo starting at 05:00 with the cost of 6 Euros. The journey takes less than an hour.


Use the Trinacria Express which serves the line between Palermo airport and the main train station in Palermo. For more information, check the Palermo Trains.


Taxis are everywhere around the arrivals area. Grab one and go to your destination.

Palermo City Center to Palermo Port

The Palermo port is easily approached on foot from the city center but if you don't fancy walking, you can always grab a cab or take the orange buses (AMAT) which run throughout the city. Bus tickets are available at Piazza Ruggero Séttimo and Stazione Centrale.

Holidays in Palermo

There is no doubt that during your holidays in Palermo you will be very busy by inspecting this historical city. Palermo provides a big number of churches, cathedrals and buildings in Sicilian Baroque architecture which will definitely fascinate you. The city is also very lively all year long and wandering around the streets and discovering the crowded squares with their shops, bars, nightclubs and restaurants is always a fun thing to do. Sicily and Palermo in particular, offers excellent waters to swim and spend some time under the hot summer sun with a chilling cocktail. Last but not least, we couldn’t not refer to the authentic Italian delicious cuisine in which you will probably be addicted to.

Here are some examples of where you can start from regarding to sightseeing in Palermo:

• Palermo Cathedral Monreale
• The Catacombs
• Fontana Pretoria Fountain
• Il Capo District
• Capella Palatina
• The Archeological Museum
• Teatro Massimo
• Mondello Beach

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