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Ferry to Peschici - Peschici, Gargano, Puglia, Italy.
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Tourists who arrive by ferry to Peschici are going to enjoy a relaxing vacation in some of Italy’s best beaches and in a graphical and historical place!

People who are traveling to the destination Peschici in Puglia are debarking in a very picturesque town situated on a cliff 100 meters above sea level. It is also a very popular summer destination due to the fact that it provides big sandy beaches with crystal clear waters and stunning seaside resorts. Above the beaches with the golden sand and pine trees is the ancient city with its whitewashed buildings and historical sites. The two churches, Santa Maria del Suffragio the Purgatory Church and the Church of Saint Elias dedicated to the patron of the city, are definitely interesting with their unique architecture and artwork. There is a chilling story about some fishermen of the city who finally survived a violent storm and thus they built a shrine of Chiesa Madonna di Loreto to honor her. You can find it just a few hundred meters outside the center.

Furthermore, again a little outside of the ancient town, lies the building Abbey of Santa Maria di Calena and what makes it worth visiting is the fact that it is one of the oldest buildings in the whole Italy. Of course, the Peschici castle could not be missed. It was proved very important back in the day for the defense of the town and it also provides an excellent view over the promontory. The fresh vegetables and handmade pasta along with an Italian wine are always a pleasure and are plenty in Peschici.

Peschici is located on the eastern side of middle Italy and has a population of around 4.500 inhabitants. Ferry routes Peschici occur from and to Tremiti especially in summer months.

Peschici port

Peschici port, in the Peschici Bay (Baia di Peschici) is facing the Adriatic Sea in Italy's middle eastern coast. The area contains a small marina for yachts, public WCs, a parking lot, a fuel station and many more amenities for the boat owners as well as for the tourists. Next to the port, there are sandy beaches and hotels for all kinds of budgets. The town center is relatively close abstaining around 1 kilometer and there you will find numerous restaurants, bars and streets full of shops. 

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Peschici is a small coastal town and thus, the distances short. Taxis are the most convenient choice in order to get around. Please, visit Peschici Taxis or grab one from the street.

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