Ferry to Tremiti Islands

Tourists traveling by ferry to Tremiti Islands, the "Adriatic pearls", are going to witness the stunning physical beauty and rich history of this complex! 

There is no lie in the term they have been given as "pearls of the Adriatic sea". These five extraordinary islands have too much to offer to the tourists who are traveling by ferry there. Composed of San Domino, San Nicola, Capraia, Cretaccio and Pianosa, this network is a favorite tourist station for years. It is its rich history, myths but also the natural prettiness it provides. Once a penal colony in the times of Roman and Italian leaders, people get the feeling of isolation straight away as they get off. San Domino is the first one you will see since it's where the ferry disembarks. There, no cars are allowed except the ones owned by the residents. San Domino's main attractions are "The Elephant", a giant rock formation giving you the feeling of an elephant drinking water from the sea and the "Cave of Swallows" where the water is so clear that you can watch the fish below the surface. A company in San Domino organizes snorkeling excursions and boat trips to the other islands around.

Moving forward to the capital and most popular, San Nicola, the history of the place will give you chills. Using the elevator or the stairs you can get to the fortified village where the Abbey of Santa Maria a Mare lies. San Nicola was a monk residence for approx. 1000 years and a myth says that whoever tried to move the remains of a monk called Nicolo, hard winds and violent storms started to rise. The tower of the Knight of the Crucifix, Santa Maria delle Grazie, Torre del Pennello, Marinella beach and the caves of the Madonna, Testa di Morte and del Ferraio are definitely sites you have to visit. For the lovers of diving, there are treasures below the sea such as wrecks of World War II planes, the sunk ship of the 16th century Ottoman and Padre Pio, southern Italy's local saint. The three other islands, especially Pianosa (11 miles away) which is forbidden to visit without authorization, are uninhabited but you can always visit them by boat. Capraia is deserted and its famous for its extraordinary landscapes and untouched nature. It is also the best destination for those who like diving. Punta Secca shallows, one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, Secca del Pedagno shallows with its black corals beneath the surface, Grottone, the huge cave and Architiello, where couples exchange promises are not to be missed. 

Book your Tremiti islands ferry tickets in advance due to high demand during summertime and enjoy a delightful vacation!

Getting to Tremiti by Ferry

The Tremiti complex is located 12 miles north of Puglia's Gargano peninsula with a population of approx. 500 villagers and ferry routes to Tremiti occur from Termoli very often, especially in high season months. Ships dock either in the port of San Domino or in San Nicola, depending on the day and the shipping company you are traveling with. There are many daily routes especially in summer and the duration differs according to what type of vessel you are using. High speeds and hydrofoils take approx. 45 minutes to arrive while bigger and slower ones needs around 1.30 hour.

Tremiti Port

The main Tremiti port is located in the northeastern side of San Domino while the second in the south of the opposing island, San Nicola

No cars are allowed in Tremiti Islands but you can get around easily on foot or by using the mini buses which connect the port with the town. You can also jump from one island to another by taking advantage of the water taxis operating all day.

Keep in mind that most hotels in Tremiti Islands are situated in San Domino!

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