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Ferry to Piombino - Tree trunk carried by the sea on the beach of Carbonifera Piombino, Tuscany, Italy.
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Passengers who take the ferry to Piombino arrive at a beautiful Italian port town in the province of Livorno, located on the last part of the Etruscan coast!

Piombino, although it was considered to be a naval base and a port for freight transport, nowadays has become an important tourist destination due to its location between the Tyrrhenian and the Ligurian Seas, in front of Elba island. Piombino, originally called Populino, meaning small, faced several attacks from ancient times until it became an autonomous principality. At the beginning of 1800, the troops of Napoleon Bonaparte conquered Tuscany including Piombino, and the emperor entrusted the reign to his sister Elisa who used to call the city “my little Paris”.

For many decades it was an important port for Pisa and today has a lot of attractions to offer to the visitors, except the natural beauties. The castle of the XIII century and the fortress added in the mid-1500s was restored and transformed several times and today houses the Museum of the Castle and the City. The old town with Tower Rivellino, the Tower House of Bifore, the Piazza Bovio with the wonderful view over Elba island are some of the most important monuments and sites you should not miss to visit.

Our website offers you a lot of choices for a ferry journey to the coastal towns of Tuscany and the islands so check the schedules, the accommodation type you prefer and make your booking with a ferry to Piombino in advance in order to find availability and the best prices and offers.

Piombino ferry routes

From the port of Piombino the ferries operate routes to the islands of Tuscan Archipelago, Sardinia and Corsica.
Below you can see the most common Piombino ferry routes:

  • Piombino to Bastia (Corsica) ferry route from June to September with two weekly departures of a sailing time of 2h 40 min with a short stop in Elba
  • Piombino to Cavo (Elba) ferry route with several sailings daily with a sailing time of 15 min to 30 min either with high speed or conventional vessels. This is the easiest and fastest route to the island of Elba
  • Piombino to Golfo Aranci (Sardegna) crossing is served by car and passenger ferries several times a week mostly during high season period with a travel time of 5h 30min and 8h 30min depending on the shipping company and the type of ship
  • Piombino to Olbia (Sardegna) sailing duration and frequency may vary according to seasonality and the sailing duration is around 5h 30min with car and passenger ferries
  • Piombino to Pianosa (Isola di Pianosa, Italy) ferry route is operated usually during summer months, 1 day per week with a sailing duration of about 2h 50min
  • Piombino to Portoferraio (Elba) crossing operates during summer season with a 40 min sailing time and several daily departures. Fast passenger-only hydrofoils connect the liveliest town of the island with Piombino
  • Piombino to Rio Marina (Elba), a 45 min ferry journey, is a frequent summer daily connection from Piombino to Elba island. From October to May there is only 1 ferry crossing per week. Rio Marina used to be a major mining town but nowadays has become a seaside resort

All ferry routes that connect Piombino with Sardinia, Corsica and Elba island are scheduled by the shipping companies according to seasonality and the duration of the trip depends on the type of ship, and sometimes on the weather conditions.
It is advisable to check the timetable through our updated booking engine in order to plan your journey safely and with the best offers.

Piombino ferry port

Piombino ferry port, located 1 km from the city center, is organized with all the basic facilities for passengers such as bars, restaurants and parking spaces for cars, motorcycles and campers near the embarkation terminals.
Piombino Marittima train station is located opposite the port of Piombino. From Piombino Centrale station there is a fast connection (about 3 minutes) to Piombino Marittima.

Piombino Center to Piombino Ferry Port

The distance between Piombino Center to Piombino ferry Port is short and passengers can be served either by train (Piombino Marittima) or bus. The proximity of the port to the city center allows you also to use a taxi at a low cost.


Take the train just outside the port facilities and reach Piombino center in less than 5 minutes. Details about the itineraries in Piombino Trains.


Get on the bus from Porto Stazione and within 4 minutes you will be at the city center. More information in Piombino Buses.


Grab a cab from the street or call +39 0565 1825.

Sightseeing in Piombino

Piombino is not only the second most important port in Tuscany after Livorno but also an interesting city due to the presence of several monuments and sights worth visiting. Some of the most important are listed below:

  • Torrione, the ancient gateway to the city built in 1212 and the nearby semicircular Rivellino built in 1447 to protect the Piombino from enemy attacks
  • Piazza Bovio built on a cliff overlooking the sea is probably the most famous place in Piombino with a beautiful view over Elba
  • The picturesque old harbor used by fishermen to moor their boats
  • The Palazzo Comunale (Town Hall) built in 1444 and the Torre dell'Orologio (Clock Tower) which dates back to 1598 were both restored in 1935. Inside the building you can see murals, paintings and other objects
  • The Citadel and it's the fortifications, part of which was designed by Leonardo da Vinci during his stay in Piombino in 1500, is one of the unique defensive wall works that still exists preserved to this day
  • Museo Archeologico del Territorio di Populonia with numerous finds from the prehistoric to the antiquity period including the “Anfora di Baratti” made in the 4th century

Beaches in Piombino

There are a number of beaches in Piombino and the surrounding area that are visited by hundreds of tourists every summer. Some of the most popular are the following:

  • Calamoresca Beach resort is like a paradise. The natural beauty of the place, the clear blue waters, the sun loungers and the close parking facilities attract visitors every year to spend their holidays in the area.
  • Quagliodromo is a long beach with pebbles and sand and it is accessible by car. Parking places are very close and several amenities like loungers and umbrellas, restaurants and other activities like kayaking are available.
  • Follonica Beach is located at a distance of 25 km away from Piombino but it is the most visited beach during the tourist season in summer because of the warm waters and the wonderful views to the island of Elba
  • Salivoli Beach is located at a distance of less than 2 km from Piombino and it is recommended for families as it is sandy, easily accessible with a very close parking space and equipped with several facilities.
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