Ferry from Piombino to Elba

Ferry to Portoferraio - Top arcade balcony of the Volterraio Castle, the oldest fortress on Elba Island, Tuscany, Italy. Never conquered in all history.

Plan your journey and take the ferry from Piombino to Elba, the largest and one of the prettiest islands of the Tuscan Archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea!

Piombino, situated on the Etruscan coast, in the province of Livorno, is a town with a small but interesting historical center that can be visited on foot. Torrione together with Rivellino, Piazza Bovio with the great view to Elba, Castello di Populonia, Cathedral of Saint Antimo and the Archaeological Museum are some of the main attractions of the town that must be visited before the departure trip to Elba. The connection by ferry to Elba as well as to Sardinia and Corsica has made Piombino an ideal point for tourists to discover the area.

At a close distance from Piombino and with a short ferry trip you will arrive at Elba, the third largest Italian island after Sicily and Sardinia in the Tyrrhenian Sea, east of Corsica. The perfect location, the mild Mediterranean climate, the villages, the historical sites and the beaches are the reasons why every year, a large number of tourists decide to spend their summer holidays on the island of Elba. There are so many options for even the most demanding traveler on Elba that everyone will leave the island with the intention of returning for another visit. The Fortress of Volterraio dating back to the Etruscan civilization, the neoclassical Villa San Martino and Villa dei Mulini, both residences of Napoleon, are the most important buildings worth visiting. Those who love hiking and snorkeling will have the chance to reach the peak of Capanne Mount or explore the wreck at Pomonte Beach. Children will be happy swimming in the shallow and calm waters of the organized Fetovaia beach, close to the village Marina di Campo.

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Piombino to Elba ferry schedule

Piombino is connected with the three ports of Elba island Portoferraio, Rio Marina and Cavo.
Several daily routes are operated by hydrofoils and conventional ships from the early morning hours until the evening. More crossings during summer, less in winter period, are available from the Tuscanian mainland to the famous vacation destination of Elba.

Piombino to Elba ferry time

The Piombino to Elba ferry time is short and varies depending on the port of arrival.

  • The Piombino - Portoferraio ferry journey takes 1 hour with the regular ferries and 40 to 45 minutes with the fast ferries
  • The Piombino - Rio Marina trip lasts 45 minutes, occurs all year round and is less frequent with 2 or 3 daily departures. During the high season more sailings are added
  • The Piombino - Cavo ferry schedule includes at least 4 daily sailings with increased frequency during the summer season

Piombino to Elba ferry distance

The Piombino to Elba ferry distance is 13 nautical miles or 21km.

Useful information for your trip

  • It is recommended that you be at the port for check-in and embarkation at the time suggested on your booking confirmation, as the voyage Piombino Elba is very popular during the high season months and the ports can be crowded. If you are traveling with your vehicle you are advised to be at the ferry terminal 1 hour before departure
  • Our pages referring to Piombino and Elba Island can give you more information about the ports, the beaches and the places of interest
  • A visit to Cala Moresca beach at a distance of 20 min by bus from Piombino city center is a good option if you have some spare time. Try the nearby seaside restaurant that serves local fish specialities
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