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Ferry to Pirano - House fragment in the Venetian style with characteristic windows and a balcony, Piran, Slovenia.
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Passengers who take the ferry to Piran, will enjoy a wonderful journey to the most charming and cosmopolitan town on the Slovenian coast in the Adriatic Sea!

Piran, or Pirano in Italian, is a small town in the southwestern Slovenia, widely known for its medieval architecture and the Venetian style that give an Italian atmosphere to this lively place. The multicolored houses with the red-tiled roofs, the waterfront views, the historical buildings, churches and squares make the town of Slovenia’s Istrian peninsula one of the most visited in the area throughout the year. The proximity to Trieste and Venice makes the city easily accessible, especially by boat, offering a relaxing and pleasant journey.

Until the mid-20th century the main language was Italian as from 1283 until 1797 the town was a part of the Republic of Venice but it was replaced by Slovene due to the mix of multiple populations and the departure of the local ethnic Italians.

With a long history that starts in the pre Roman era, Piran was a part of the Roman Empire until the late 6th century AD that Romans abandoned the area due to the Slavs and Avars invasions. Although it was well fortified during the Byzantine rule, Franks took control of the town and Slavs settled in the area.
In 1797 Piran was annexed to the Austrian Empire. At the beginning of the 20th century it was an Austro-Hungarian town, after the First World War the town was ceded to Italy and in 1954 annexed to Yugoslavia. In 1991 Piran became a part of independent Slovakia.

Nowadays, Piran is a wonderful coastal destination, surrounded by the Adriatic Sea, ideal for summer vacation but also for a short break from your daily routine.

Book your ferry tickets to Piran in advance and enjoy a wonderful holiday!

Piran ferry routes

There are several connections from Italy and Croatia to Piran, most of them are active during the summer period.
The most popular Piran ferry routes are the following:

  • Trieste to Piran
  • Rovinj to Piran
  • Cesenatico to Piran
  • Porec to Piran
  • Venice to Piran

Piran ferry port

The Piran ferry port is situated in a small bay with several piers and a large quay used by hydrofoils and speed boats. The distance between the center and the port is very convenient for the passengers of the Piran ferry to use all services like restaurants, bars, ATMs, shops and pharmacies. Cars are not allowed on ferries due to the town’s small size but some vessels have a limited space for bicycles. Visitors can easily rent a car, a motorbike or a bicycle from the offices near the port. The area provides wide parking places for cars, campers and buses. A big choice of hotels and apartments is available for any tourist need.

Booking Piran ferry tickets is more than easy if you visit our online booking engine. Our booking engine gives you all the necessary information about schedules and prices in order to make your reservation in advance.

Transportation options in Piran

Piran visitors have many transportation options mainly with the public means if they intend to stay close to the center. They can choose between bus and taxi as during the summer period there are a lot of municipal buses that serve most of the places and resorts.

Piran City Center to Piran Ferry Port

Piran City center to Piran Port distance can be covered on foot but there is the option to take the free bus to Tartini Square. Your hotel can advise you about all the details of the available means of transport. Most of the hotels have mini buses that can offer you a ride to the ferry port.


Public bus transport is available in Pirano. The bus terminal is located about 0.51 km from the town center, which is only a 6-minute walk. Traveling by public buses in Pirano is only possible with a valid ticket, which has to be purchased before entering the vehicle in one of the stores in the Municipality of Pirano. Also, there is a free bus to the town’s center and the shuttles operate roughly every 15 minutes.


Car driving is restricted in town for non-residents. You may be able to enter the town for 15 to 30 minutes to drop off luggage. For more information, please ask your hotel provider. You can park in the Fornace car park about 1km south of the center and walk or take a free bus into the center. Some hotels provide a free shuttle to or from the car parking.


Taxi service is available in Piran. You can book a Taxi to pick you up from your hotel.

Ljubljana International Airport to Piran Ferry Port

There is a direct shuttle from Ljubljana Slovenia International airport to Piran ferry port. For more information, you can visit Ljubljana Airport Shuttle.

Places to visit in Piran

  • Tartini Square bears its name from the Italian composer and violinist Giuseppe Tartini as Piran is his birthplace. In the middle of the square stands the sculpture of Tartini and all around you can find coffee and souvenir shops
  • St. George’s Church is located behind the Tartini square on a hill. From there you can admire the view over Piran and the coast
  • Piran City Walls dating back to the 7th century is one of the most visited attractions of the town. They were built in various stages with the last one to be finished during the 15th century in order to protect the city from the Turkish invasions. Some parts have been demolished but others stand well preserved and open to visitors after renovation work
  • Climb the 146 steps to the top of the Bell Tower to see the magnificent view of Tartini Square. Slovenia, Istria, Italy and Croatia can be seen from this spot. Being a part of the Republic of Venice for 500 years the bell tower is a characteristic example of the Venetian influence
  • Stroll along the Old Town with the narrow cobbled streets and the exceptional charm of the pastel coloured houses
  • The First of May Square with the statues of Liberty and Justice and the old well surrounded by the pretty houses is a perfect place to stop for a coffee
  • Visit the Franciscan Roman Catholic Monastery of the 14th century with the beautiful cloister built in 1301. Today monks live in the monastery and musical events of Piran take place
  • Take part in a boat tour and enjoy the Slovenian Coast by the sea. Admire the cliffs and the bays along the coast or make a Vintage Cruise on an authentic wooden boat and enjoy the sunset with local wine, cheese and prosciutto
  • Established in 804, Piran Salt Pans was the main source of income in town. Every summer, during August, the city celebrates the Saltern Festival with several events, the most important in Piran Tartini square. Concerts and music performances take place, so check the calendar during your visit
  • Visit the Strunjan Landscape Park where you can take part in a guided tour, learn about the procession of the traditional salt production and make a visit to the Museum of Salt-Making
  • A good idea is to visit Koper, a beautiful coastal town with historical sites next to Piran. The Koper to Piran distance is 18km and even if you do not have a car it is easy to travel by public transportation. Piran has no train station so passengers with final destination Piran port can arrive first in Koper by train and then take a taxi or bus

Piran beaches

  • Strunjan Beach is located at a close distance to Piran city center. With a 15 minutes drive you will find an organized pebbled beach to enjoy the sea and sun during all day. Parking and all the facilities are available for individuals and families with children
  • Plaza Piran is the closest beach to the center of the town, merely used by locals but also by tourists who visit the area for a short time. This is a good idea as it is very close to restaurants and coffee shops next to the promenade
  • Moon Bay is a pebble beach with no amenities but it is worth visiting as there are great views from the cliffs. In order to reach it there is a driving distance of 15 min to Strunjan, from there you have to walk and then go down the stairs
  • Portoroz Beach has gained the Blue Flag as it is one of the best and most visited summer destinations in Slovenia. There is a free shuttle service from Piran and it is ideal for families as there are sunbeds and umbrellas, playgrounds, volleyball courts, water park and of course numerous hotels, restaurants and bars to choose from

Piran hotels

Piran accommodations offer a great choice of hotels, apartments, bed and breakfast or hostels.

Below you can find some of the most visited:

  • Hotel Tartini
  • Second life in Piran Hotel Zala
  • Hotel Fiesa
  • Hotel Bernardin
  • Hotel
  • Art Hotel Tartini
  • Memento
  • Pachamama
  • Vip Residence
  • Bed and Breakfast Casa Mia
  • Hostel
  • Max
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