Ferry to Italy

Passengers who take the ferry to Italy are about to arrive in the 5th most visited country in the world known for its culture, history and charming coastline!

Italy is a country where tourism is a significant pillar in its economy. With over 45 million tourists visiting the country on a yearly base, it is ranked as one of the most visited tourist destinations worldwide. Its rich culture, long and alluring history, stunning art and fashion but also its delicious cuisine are some of the main reasons it holds a high place in traveler traffic. It is also known that Italy is the first in terms of hosting the most World Heritage Sites (55) than any other country. Moreover, this is not the end since in summer, the number of tourists increases dramatically due to the fact that Italy has a beautiful coastline with splendid beaches and graphical towns.

We all have heard about Julius Caesar the famous military leader, the explorers Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus, Galileo the great physicist, mathematician and astronomist, the artist Michelangelo, the famous painter Leonardo da Vinci, producers and singers Antonio Vivaldi and Luciano Pavarotti; all the referred personalities and many more were born Italians.

Going to Italy’s mainland, it is hard to tell where to start from since there are plenty of cities and villages that have to be discovered, providing interesting and beautiful landmarks, sceneries and vivid lifestyle. Venice, Milan, Genoa, Florence, Rome, Bologna, Naples, Palermo, Positano, Amalfi, including their surrounding territories, are only a few of the must-visit cities of the country.

Last but not least, we must not forget that the Italian Islands are some of the prettiest and most picturesque islands in the world. To start with the biggest, take the ferry to Sardinia and Sicily which definitely worth the visit and will fascinate you with their long coasts and sandy beaches. In summer, the Aeolian, Pelagie, Aegadian and Tuscan Archipelago Islands tend to reach their full capacities for the reason that people from all around the world spend their vacation there.

It would be wise to book your ferry tickets to anywhere in Italy in advance due to the fact that they run out fast as summer period reaches, especially the ferries from Croatia and Greece to Italy.

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