Ferry Pisaetos to Poros (Kefalonia)

How to get from Pisaetos to Poros (Kefalonia) with conventional and high speed ferries, details of scheduled departures, updated prices and how to reach the ports!

Conventional or High Speed Ferry from Pisaetos to Poros (Kefalonia)?

There are two basic ferry types for the route from Pisaetos to Poros (Kefalonia): Conventional (regular car ferries) and High Speed.

Regular car ferries take more travel time from Pisaetos to Poros (Kefalonia) but are definitely the most popular and cheapest ones! Especially on day trips, normal ferries are a relaxing way to travel between Pisaetos and Poros (Kefalonia), with all the fantastic sea views and the sea breeze someone can enjoy from the decks!

High speed ferries are smaller and a bit more expensive but they cut the travel time from Pisaetos to Poros (Kefalonia) almost in half! Occasionally there are high speed ferries from Pisaetos to Poros (Kefalonia) available that can transport vehicles.

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Schedules & Prices Pisaetos to Poros (Kefalonia)

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Discounts & Offers Pisaetos to Poros (Kefalonia)

Ferry Ports Pisaetos & Poros (Kefalonia) - How to get there

Map of Ferry Port of Pisaetos on Ithaca at Ionian Islands in Greece

Ferry Port Pisaetos

  • Pisaetos Port
  • 283 00 Ithaca, Greece
  • Tel.: +30 267 403 2909
  • GPS: 38.348150, 20.685629
Map of Ferry Port of Poros on Kefalonia at Ionian Islands in Greece

Ferry Port Poros on Kefalonia

  • Poros Port
  • 280 82 Kefalonia, Greece
  • Tel.: +30 267 102 2224
  • GPS: 38.147446, 20.782942