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Ferry to Pisaetos (Ithaca) - Metal hook on the landing stage at Pisaetos port, Ithaca, Greece.
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Take a ferry to Pisaetos and spend your holidays in Ithaca, the place that symbolizes the return to the haven, the home of Ulysses from Homer's Odyssey!

Through the port of Pisaetos you can easily reach the island of Ithaca located in the Ionian Sea, which is famous for its incredible natural beauty, covered with lush green nature and many exotic beaches with blue and emerald green waters. Ithaca is definitely a more peaceful and quiet destination in comparison with the often overcrowded popular islands of the Aegean Sea and ideal destination for those who are looking for relaxation as well as for those who are looking for a destination with an unspoiled charm as the villages and the locals have managed to keep their traditional identity despite the touristic development of the last decades. Beach lovers will be amazed by the multitude of choices, from sand to pebbles, from green landscapes to rocky ones and from secluded to busy ones.

Ithaca is an ideal place for alternative activities and a holiday destination that will fulfill the needs and desires of every visitor. As the famous Greek poet Constantinos Cavafy once wrote: “ Αs you set out for Ithaca hope the voyage is a long one, full of adventure and full of discovery".

Book in advance your ferry tickets to Pisaetos and spend a few days in a place with verdant green landscapes, charming villages with Venetian architecture and breathtaking views.

How to reach Pisaetos by ferry

The picturesque port of Pisaetos can be easily reached with frequent ferry routes by the port of Sami, Patras and Astakos.

  • Ferry Sami to Pisaetos: there is a daily ferry running from Sami to Pisaetos all year round. The sailing duration of Sami Pisaetos ferry is between 20 - 30 minutes. Tickets for this route are available for passengers as well as cars and motorcycles
  • Ferry Patra to Pisaetos: the port of Patras on the mainland is just 2 hours away from the port of Pisaetos and there is a daily conventional ferry serving this connection all year round
  • Ferry Astakos to Pisaetos: Astakos is situated on the Greek mainland in Aetolia - Acarnania and there is a normal ferry serving this connection with daily routes

Pisaetos ferry port

There are two ferry ports in Ithaca. The port of Frikes which is located in northern Ithaca has a connection with Lefkada and the ferry port of Pisaetos which is located in a small beautiful bay, at the western side of the island of Ithaca and is one of the largest natural harbors. The port of Pisaetos ( or Piso Aetos) serves routes from Kefalonia, Astakos and Patras and the distance between the capital of Ithaca ( Vathi) and the port of Pisaetos is about 5 km. As soon as the ferry reaches the port of Pisaetos visitors will be impressed by the pines and olive groves of the slope above the port. Around the port there aren’t any tourist facilities, only a small coffee shop that offers snacks, coffees and drinks.

Transportation in Pisaetos

The road network of the entire island is in a good condition, with a few exceptions of some sections that lead to remote beaches, so you could easily move around using your own car or you could also rent a car or motorbike as soon as you arrive in Ithaca.


There is a public bus service running between Vathy and Kioni. For more information please visit buses in Ithaca.


As soon as you arrive at the port you will be able to find some taxis to get you to your destination. To book a taxi please contact +30 699 392 5759 or +30 694 655 2397.

Hotels in Pisaetos

Most of the accommodation options around the port of Pisaetos are located in the center of Ithaki. Either you choose a hotel, a studio or an apartment all of them are well equipped and close to tourist facilities like restaurants, cafes and supermarkets.
There is only one hotel in a close distance from the port:

  • Villa Piso Aetos Views

Pisaetos beaches

The main characteristic of the island and the main reason of its popularity is the amazing beaches with the crystal clear turquoise and emerald waters and the dense vegetation that in most beaches reaches the level of the sea.

Please find below a list of the beaches closest to Pisaetos:

  • Piso Aetos Beach: located just next to the port it’s a secluded pebbled beach with heavy olive trees that descend directly to the shore giving an emerald green color to the waters. Piso Aetos can be easily reached on foot from the port and it’s a quite beautiful place with calm shallow waters, ideal for snorkeling as you can find a variety of marine life species
  • Brosta Aetos Beach: located approximately 5 km away from Pisaetos. A white pebbled unorganized beach with waters that look like a natural pool. There are two beautiful fig trees offering plenty of shade

Island Hopping from Ithaki Pisaetos

The location of Pisaetos makes the port an ideal starting point for visiting the beautiful island of Kefalonia as there is a connection between the port of Pisaetos and Sami.
Sami is a beautiful coastal town surrounded by verdurous hills, with wide paved streets and a unique charm that states the rich history and heritage of the island.

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