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Passengers travelling by ferry to Psara arrive to a cluster of islands near the island Chios!

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It’s composed of the isles of Psara, Antipsara, Ai Nikolaki, Kato Nisi, Nisiopoula and Prasonisi.  Ferries Psara will take you to the only inhabited one with its sole settlement situated at the port. In 1824 the Turks landed on the island and set in on fire causing the death of almost 27.000 inhabitants as a payback for the islands participation to the Greek Revolution. For that reason every year on the 22nd of June the commemoration of the Holocaust of the island takes place. As a result today only 500 people leave on the island. One of the most significant tourist attractions is the house of Konstantinos Kanaris a legendary hero of the revolution of 1821.

The characteristic feature of Psara is the rich beaches and the blue waters that satisfy even the most demanding visitors. When travelling to the destination Psara you get the opportunity to visit the most famous beach of the island Katsounis, east of the settlement. The beach is famous for its rich sand and shallow waters. Here guests can enjoy their swim, the sun and the crystal clear blue waters of the sea .Another sandy beach considered to be the best of Psara by most visitors is Lazareta south of the island just one kilometer from the port. Before leaving with a ferry from Psara, make sure you have tasted the famous lobster spaghetti, the local honey and cheese.

Psara has a surface of 40 square kilometers. Most residents are seamen while others engage in fishing and beekeeping. Psara ferry routes are available from the port of Chios and the harbor of Lavrio.

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Map of Ferry Port of Psara at North Aegean Islands in Greece

Ferry Port Psara

  • 821 04 Psara, Greece
  • Tel.: +30 227 406 1336
  • GPS: 38.538997, 25.565998
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