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Ferry to Psara - Boats and ropes on the Greek island of Psara in the North Aegean.
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Passengers who are traveling with the ferry to Psara arrive on the East Aegean Sea island group, a little gem in the Greek islands with a glorious history and incredible beauty!

The island was associated with the Greek Revolution of 1821, as it was the third naval force of the struggle, after Hydra and Spetses.
Psara is the homeland of Konstantinos and Kanaris and Papanikolis, both great heroes of the Greek revolution. Psara itself paid a heavy price for the help they provided during the revolution.
Heroic Psara is a paradise for those seeking natural beauty and absolute tranquility, a paradise for foodies, due to the delicious local cuisine based on the pure products of the island. The visitor enjoys the peace and quiet that the place exudes. Traditional Aegean houses in white and blue are harmoniously combined with the beautiful beaches and the crystal clear sea of the island.

Do not miss to visit Psara for a wonderful experience, an island of natural beauties, unique authentic architecture and history and make your booking in advance in order to find availability and the best prices and offers.



Getting to Psara by ferry

Getting to the island of Psara is only by ferry from the port of Piraeus to Athens, the journey to Psara takes about 6 hours. They are located at a distance of approximately 92.62 miles from Athens (all ports).
The ferry from Athens (all ports) to Psara is easy, as you can find ferries all year round from 1 of the ports of Athens (all ports).
Piraeus is the main port of Athens and is easily accessible from the city center by taxi or metro, while the nearest port to Psara is the port of Chios.

Ferry routes from Psara

Greek Islands are all unique and after visiting one, you will not be able to stop, below there is one list with ferry routes from Psara:

  • Psara to Agios Efstratios
  • Psara to Limnos
  • Psara to Chios
  • Psara to Mytilene (Lesvos)
  • Psara to Inousses


Psara ferry port

Psara belongs to the North Aegean islands of Greece, just 22 kilometres from the northwestern coast of Chios. Their main port, the port of Psara, retains a sleepy charm despite being one of the most famous ports in the Greek War of Independence of 1821-32. From the port of Psara, there are seasonal connections to Chios, Mytilene/Lesvos, Oinousses and Piraeus/Athens.

Transportation in Psara

Like some other islands of this archipelago, Psara has no public transport. There are not even car rentals or motorcycle rental agencies. If you have rented a vehicle in
other island, you can certainly bring it here, but remember to check beforehand if your contract allows you to do so. Otherwise you can get around on foot or hitchhike (something common on this island). Finally, you can try to ask the owners of your accommodation if they have vehicles for tourists.

Holidays in Psara

Psara has become a popular holiday destination in the East Aegean, and is a perfect place to enjoy peaceful and relaxing summer holidays. The island is one of immense beauty, and the picturesque landscapes create a very tranquil feel to the island.
Visitors to Psara will find a lovely selection of accommodation at various traditional hotels, as well as rooms to let. There are many delightful tavernas on the island where visitors can enjoy a wonderful selection of tasty local cuisine, as well as fresh seafood.

Beaches in Psara

It is amazing how many different types of beaches you will find on the small island of Psara. You will find large beaches covered with pebbles or sand, small bays and harbors. All the beaches are very natural and very little has been modified or built near them.

Here are the main beaches you will find in Psara:

  • Archontiko Beach: Following the west coast you will find this small beach located in front of the rocks of Daskaliou. The rock is just 100 meters from the beach and you can decide to swim there and admire the beautiful scenery of the island from a different angle
  • Kato Gialos Beach: It can be easily reached on foot by following the road south from the island's cape. Behind the beach there is a small white church dedicated to Agios Nikolaos, while just in front of the beach is the uninhabited island of Antipsara. There are a few tavernas on the beach but it has nothing else except for them
  • Katsounis Beach: A sandy beach near the town centre, which can be reached by following the road north from the cape. Its waters are not very deep and are ideal for children. It is definitely the busiest and most equipped beach on the island, it is also well known for the beach volley tournament that is held here every year
  • Lakka Beach: About 3 km from Psara following a path on the west coast you will find Lakka, one of the most beautiful and widest beaches on the island. It is covered by a mixture of sand and pebbles, has two rocks in front of it and a nice peninsula that separates it from Archontiki beach
  • Lazaretta Beach: Located on the east coast and considered one of the best beaches of Psara. It is ideal if you are looking for tranquility on a sandy beach where you can sunbathe and relax. It is not equipped with any services, but it has a free camping area
  • Lemnos Beach: A sandy beach surrounded by crystal clear waters that can only be reached after following a barren path. Finally, further south you will find the small and deserted beaches of Spitalia and Agios Georgios

Sightseeing and Activities in Psara

The Greek islands are synonymous with fun and adventure. Although not as fun as other islands, they have plenty of places and things to see. When you are in Psara you can be sure that you will not be bored. So here are some of the best activities you can choose from when you visit Psara.

Below, we will give you some of the most popular attractions and activities in Psara:

  • Mavri Rachi (Paleokastro): this small fortress is located on the coast of Psara and represents the history of the island. During the Greek war for independence in 1820, Psara was the centre of one of the worst battles of the war. The entire island was destroyed by the Ottoman Turks and many people lost their lives. This fortress represents the resistance and strength of the people of the island who suffered greatly at that time. From this beautiful spot you can also admire a wonderful view of the island
  • Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary: This is one of the most important and oldest churches you can find in Psara. Inside the church there is an exhibition showing the ancient artifacts that were once used on the island. This will help you understand what the traditional Greek way of life was like and will make you appreciate this island even more
  • Great walks and hiking: The area does not allow for the construction of large residential centers or the presence of large crops. Apart from that, you will find many hiking and mountain biking trails. The first route starts from the black rock and reaches the chapel of Agios Ioannis. The second route takes you to the island's arsenal located in the northwestern part of Psara. The third will lead you to Lemonaria. Finally, there is the route that will take you to the coves of Adami and Kanalo.
    Exploring the coast of the island: You can also choose to stroll between the harbour and the small restaurants serving fish. There are also a few bars where you can get fresh food and drinks while watching the beautiful sunset. This island, like Oinousses, is not accessible by vehicle. For this reason, you can choose between renting a bicycle or decide to explore the island's coastline by walking
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