Ferry to Pserimos

Ferry to Pserimos - Shells exposed at the local market of Pserimos island in Greece.
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Passengers who are traveling with the ferry to Pserimos arrive on a small island in the Dodecanese, an ideal destination for a relaxing holiday or for a day trip!

Pserimos is one of the smallest islands of the Dodecanese and belongs administratively to the neighboring Kalymnos. It is also called Capari, as the aromatic plant is abundant on the island. Pserimos has about 30 permanent residents and basic tourist infrastructure for summer visitors. The northern part is called "Akra Vasiliki" and the southern part "Akra Russa".
Pserimos is the traditional quiet island without the noise of cars. The only cars you will see around are those of the island's residents who use them to transport and move heavy and useful things necessary for their restaurants and homes. The barren land of the island does not allow for the growth of much vegetation except for some huge olive trees that the residents have been growing for many years.

If you want to be refreshed by the tranquility of the island of Pserimos, and not only, book your tickets in advance, as during the peak months the demand is higher!

Getting to Pserimos by ferry

Pserimos is not connected with direct routes to mainland Greece. You can get to the island by boat from Kalymnos or Kos (Mastichari) throughout the year. The routes run daily in summer and 2-3 times a week in winter. The ferry connection is mainly served by water taxis and boats, while there are also some conventional ships.

More specifically:

Kalymnos - Pserimos: If you want to go on a day trip to Pserimos, the ferries from Kalymnos leave around 09.30 in the morning and return at 17.00. The trip from Kalymnos to Pserimos takes approximately 50 minutes.
Kos - Pserimos. The journey takes 35 minutes.

Ferry routes from Pserimos

Greek Islands are all unique and after visiting one, you will not be able to stop, below there is one list with ferry routes from Pserimos:

  • Pserimos to Leros
  • Pserimos to Kalymnos
  • Pserimos to Telendos
  • Pserimos to Lipsi
  • Pserimos to Kos
  • Pserimos to Patmos

Pserimos ferry port

Psara belongs to the North Aegean islands of Greece, just 22 kilometers from the northwestern coast of Chios. Their main port, the port of Psara, retains a sleepy charm despite being one of the most famous ports in the Greek War of Independence of 1821-32. From the port of Psara, there are seasonal connections to Chios, Mytilene/Lesvos, Oinousses and Piraeus/Athens.

Get around Pserimos

The most common way to get around Pserimos is on foot, by water taxi or by boat, as there are no roads and no cars.

Holidays in Pserimos

The island is ideal for a relaxing holiday away from the crowds and the hustle and bustle of the city. If you love simplicity and are looking for the triptych "sun - sea - tranquility", then Pserimos is the ultimate destination for you. In case you are in another island of the Dodecanese, it is worth visiting Pserimos for a day trip, to dive in the crystal clear waters and take as a souvenir beautiful shells that are fished on the island.

Beaches in Pserimos

Pserimos is small, but has several beaches with sand and gravel or sand and small rocks and crystal clear waters. The most easily accessible beach is at the port, Avlakia, and has tamarisks and some umbrellas for shade. By following the path leading out of the settlement you will find the rest of Pserimos' beaches within a 10-50 minutes walk. Some are completely secluded, so we recommend bringing an umbrella, water and snacks to spend the day there. The best beaches in Pserimos are:

  • Avlakia
  • Islands, Panaagia Grafiotissa
  • Trevatia
  • Vathi
  • Roussa
  • Tomb
  • Korakia
  • Glistra

Sightseeing and activities in Pserimos

The main activity in Pserimos is undoubtedly relaxation. If you get bored of sunbathing on the beautiful sandy beaches, we suggest you walk on the mapped paths of the island. On your way you will find beautiful little bays for diving and enjoy the magnificent view of Kalymnos and the Turkish coast.

Apart from hiking, you can take a day trip by boat from Pserimos to the neighbouring island of Plati. Plati has beautiful beaches and its waters are considered among the clearest in the Dodecanese. Also, if you like diving, you can go for underwater exploration on the north and east side of the island, where there are shipwrecks.

Tip: Regarding food in Pserimos, we suggest you eat octopus meatballs at Sevastis (tavern "Pserimos") and goat meat at "Manola" and drink a cool beer at Nikolas' bar on the beach.

Hotels in Pserimos

For accommodation, there are no large hotels in Pserimos, but there are some family hotels and rooms to let.

Here are some suggestions in order to choose your ideal hotel in Pserimos:

  • Hotel Nammos Sunset 
  • Tripolitis Hotel 
  • Hotel Pserimos Villas
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