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Ferry to Kalymnos - A vintage diving suit with helmet with natural sponges in the background, Greece.
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Tourists traveling by ferry to Kalymnos will discover a beautiful Greek Dodecanese island in the southeastern Aegean Sea, known as the “Sponge-divers’ island”!

The island was originally inhabited by Carians, in the Middle Ages was influenced by the Byzantine Empire and during the 13th century the Venetians used Kalymnos as a naval base. Later, the Knights of Rhodes took control of the island which faced several attacks by the Ottomans in 1457 and 1460. Although it was finally conquered, Kalymnos was never inhabited by the Turks. In 1947 the Dodecanese islands united with the Greek state.

Kalymnos is the 26th largest Greek island and has a surface of 111,581 square kilometers. Pothia is the port and capital of the island. A colorful settlement built in an amphitheatrical position between 2 hills. It preserves a remarkable architectural landscape with impressive captain houses and elegant old mansions.

Book your ferry tickets to Kalymnos in advance and have a wonderful time in the Dodecanese!

Kalymnos ferry routes

The variety of Kalymnos ferry routes from other islands has made this destination popular tο many visitors every summer, especially those who want to escape from the bustling islands. Leros, Patmos, Lipsi, Samos, Ikaria, Karpathos, Tilos and Astypalea are some of the ferry routes from and to Kalymnos.
The most common connections are the following:

Piraeus to Kalymnos

From Athens/Piraeus port ferries run almost every day and the trip lasts from 9 to 12 hours depending on the stops and the weather conditions.

Kos to Kalymnos Ferry

One of the most preferred routes is operated daily by the Kos to Kalymnos regular or catamaran ferry which arrives at Pothia port in less than an hour.

Rhodes to Kalymnos Ferry

A longer trip is operated by the Rhodes to Kalymnos ferry, either with a conventional or with a fast ferry. The travel time can be about 3 hours with the high speed vessels.

Kalymnos ferry port

Κalymnos' ferry port is called Pothia, located in the south part of the island very close to Chora the old capital of Kalymnos. Built in 1850, the port of Pothia is organized and the town becomes the new capital of the island. Nowadays all public services are found there as well as the Archaeological and the Naval museums.
The visitors can walk around the cobbled streets of Pothia, have lunch in a local tavern or learn about the tradition of the natural sea sponges of Kalymnos.

Kalymnos Port to Kalymnos Center

The island of the 16.000 inhabitants is served by local buses and taxis which can transfer the visitors το Chora, to the main villages, beaches, accomodation and points of interest.


There is a municipal bus transfer service with daily connections to and from the Kalymnos port. For more information, please visit Kalymnos Buses.


In order to schedule a taxi transfer, reach the taxi stand a few blocks north of the port or call +30 22430 22000, +30 22430 50300, +30 694 284 4597.

Things to do in Kalymnos

  • Take a water taxi from Kalymnos to the island of Pserimos and Telendos.
  • If you like adventure you can attend climbing lessons as the rocky Kaymnian landscape is unique for such an activity
  • Visit the Archaeological and the Naval museums of Kalymnos
  • One of the most famous attractions is the Byzantine Castle of Chora, situated where ancient Pothia resided
  • Visit the several workshops in Pothia to discover the history of sponge diving which was the main occupation of the inhabitants of the island since ancient times. The economic growth and the prosperity in Kalymnos was due to the sponge diving industry for decades
  • The Caves like Daskalio Cave and Kefala Cave, which have evidence of human habitation in primitive times, are located on the slopes of the Kastani and Tsingoura hills. Traces of smoke can be detected on the ceiling. The caves become more numerous in the direction of the small chapel of Agios Ioannis. Access to them is difficult

Beaches in Kalymnos

  • Myrties Beach is one of the best in Kalymnos island,equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas,usually visited by families with children. It is located at a distance of 8 km from the main town Pothia and the travelers can find restaurants, cafes and studios for rent nearby. A good idea is to take the small boats that make a short trip to the just opposite island of Telendos
  • Massuri is the main organized resort in Kalymnos with a sandy beach and many amenities like watersports, tavernas, shops, hotels and apartments in a close distance
  • Pothia Town is a small beach close to the city center
  • Akti is a pebbled beach 7 km from Pothia with calm waters for those who prefer the unorganized coasts
  • Vlychadia Beach is sandy with shallow waters attractive for families but also for those who like diving. It is a good opportunity for some lessons as there is a diving center in the area

Hotels in Kalymnos

  • Elena Village
  • Carian Hotel
  • Plaza Hotel
  • Olympic Hotel
  • Apollonia Hotel
  • Avra Studios
  • Hyperion Hotel
  • Hotel Hermes
  • Kalypso Studios
  • Kalymnos Paradise
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