Ferry from Rome to Olbia

Ferry to Olbia - Church of San Paolo Apostolo in Olbia, Sardinia, Italy.

Take a ferry from Rome to Olbia, the coastal city in north east Sardinia, rich in history, activities and traditions, also known as the gate to Costa Smeralda!

Olbia has many archaeological sites and findings as its origins trace back to the Greeks, the Romans and the Nuragics even though it is believed that the Phoenicians were the first to settle in Olbia. The village is known all over the world thanks to the mesmerizing beauty of Costa Smeralda and the popular resorts of Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo.
During your stay in Olbia make sure you visit the town’s two churches, the archaeological museum, the hub of Corso Umberto and the attractive picturesque city center with the lovely cafes and the stone paved alleys. In addition to Corso Umberto there are a lot of hidden piazzas with a true charm to be explored. For nature lovers, the Fausto Noce Natural Park is a must visit and for those seeking to spend some deserved beach holidays the coastal territory of Olbia is one of the most beautiful in Sardinia with sandy beaches, shallow, clear and calm waters, ideal for families with children.

Either Olbia is your starting point for the famous Costa Smeralda or either you want to spend your vacation in Olbia, which in ancient Greek means “happy”, make sure to book your ferry tickets in advance.

Rome to Olbia ferry schedule 

Olbia is a really popular destination so there are more than 6 crossings per week served by three ferry companies but only one of them offers the connection all year round. The other two companies operate only from June to September (high season). Depending on the seasonality there might be even more than 2 routes available per day.

The port of Rome is the port of Civitavecchia, an important hub for the maritime transport in Italy and the second busiest cruise port in Europe, just 80 kilometers from the capital of Rome. The ferries operating on the Rome to Olbia route offer different types of accommodation and passengers can also travel with their vehicles and bring along their pets.

Ferry distance between Rome and Olbia 

The distance between Rome and Olbia is approximately 272 kilometers and the ferry distance between Civitavecchia´s port to Olbia is about 220 km (120 nautical miles).

Rome to Olbia ferry duration 

The sailing time from the port of Civitavecchia in Rome to Olbia is approximately 8 hours.

Useful tips for your trip from Rome to Olbia 

  • Arrive at the port at least 1 hour before your departure for check in and embarkation
  • Due to the Olbia’s high demand in summer, consider booking your ferry tickets in advance
  • Through our online booking system, you can compare prices and choose which departure is the best option for you
  • Visit our pages dedicated to Rome and Olbia and learn more about ferry connections and means of transport
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