Ferry to Saranda

Passengers traveling by Ferry to Saranda experience the beauties of the Albanian Riviera, the town of Agioi Saranta opposite of Corfu!

Thanks to its access to the close beaches and its Mediterranean climates it has become a tourist hot spot. Once a fishing village, Saranda is now a town with a busy seaside promenade offering all kinds of goods and services. It’s a destination with beautiful landscapes combined with very low prices.

Albania's rugged coastline, with its traditional villages situated on isolated and golden sandy beaches surrounded by turquoise waters, is a revelation for those traveling to the destination Saranda. Lekuresi Castle is an attraction one should visit. The castle once enclosed a whole settlement but today has only a few ruins remaining. It’s situated on the top of a hill offering to the visitor a stunning view of the sea-going all the way to the island of Corfu.  Butrint is an impressive archaeological site surrounded by small farms that takes you from Ancient Greece to the present time. Ksamil Village is a small seaside village on a creek with blond sand beaches and clear blue waters from where you can visit with small boats three small green islands nearby. You cannot take a ferry from Saranda and have not visited Blue Eye (Syri Kalter). A beautiful and lush landscape, with the waters of the river emerging from a fifty-meter-deep pool.

Saranda has a population of 41.173 residents whose main occupation is tourism along with fishing and construction. Ferry schedules to Saranda start from the port of Corfu.

Ferry Port Saranda

Forthcoming information advises on how to get to the ferry port Saranda by bus and taxi as well as its geographical location.

How to get to Saranda Port

Get to Saranda port by bus and taxi.


There are buses (furgons) operating all over town and most of them start from Friendship Park. Go there or wave your hand to get on one and tell the driver where to drop you off. More information at Saranda Bus.


Taxis are omnipresent everywhere in town but there are also some standard taxi stands. Learn more at Saranda Taxis.

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