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Ferry to Brindisi - Scenic view in Ostuni, in the province of Brindisi, region of Apulia, Italy
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Passengers traveling by ferry to Brindisi reach one of the most important port cities in southern Italy, on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, in the Apulia region!

Over the centuries Brindisi was conquered among others by the Romans and the Normans. It even became an Islamic emirate for some time in the 7th century. The Roman poet Virgil is said to have passed away on a journey to Brindisi.The port of Brindisi played an important role already during the Roman Empire because of its relations to the East. That natural harbour was almost a necessary stop for Romans, Crusaders and Venetian merchants. Its period of greatest glory was at the time of the Unification of Italy, and for five months in the following century, between 1943 and 1944, when Brindisi even played a role as capital of Italy. Since 1994 the UN Logistics Base has been deployed in the city. They are responsible for the coordination of the UN peacekeepers.

Nowadays, the port of Brindisi is used for tourism, commercial and industrial shipping as it offers ferry connections with the Balkan Peninsula and Turkey. Brindisi, with a calm Mediterranean climate, welcomes tourists from all over the world to visit the charming port city throughout the year. History, architecture and leisure can be combined for a pleasant vacation trip in Brindisi and around. Many tourist resorts are available along the coast, but mention must be made of the protected area of Torre Guaceto, particularly for those who love being in touch with nature.

Organize your trip and book your tickets to Brindisi in advance in order to get the best offers and the most convenient schedule!

Brindisi ferry routes

In addition to the International Airport, Brindisi has a large ferry port as well which operates ferry routes that link Italy with Greece and Albania. There are large conventional ferries available which offer plenty of luxurious facilities and amenities on board, such as spacious lounges, business class seats for more privacy and cabins for ultimate comfort. You can also find cinemas, bars, restaurants and play rooms for kids. If the weather allows it, you can even enjoy the journey on the open deck with a refreshment while feeling the summer breeze!

Brindisi to Igoumenitsa Ferry

The Brindisi to Igoumenitsa ferry connects the Greek town of the Ionian coast with the Italian port of Brindisi. Visitors who prefer to visit the Greek islands of Corfu or Kefalonia during the summer months, can choose the direct ferry connection or the indirect ferry from Brindisi to Corfu via the port of Igoumenitsa.

Brindisi to Corfu ferry

The Brindisi to Corfu ferry connection is the fastest way to visit the Ionian island of Corfu with at least 1 daily departure and with a duration of 7 to 8 hours. The sailing is operated during the summer period.

Brindisi to Kefalonia ferry

A seasonal route is operated between Brindisi to Kefalonia (Sami port) which runs only 1 time per week.

Brindisi to Vlora ferry

The Brindisi to Vlora ferry route connects Italy with Albania’s second largest port. The sailing time is approximately 7 hours.

Brindisi to Saranda Ferry

During the summer months usually twice a week the ferries operate the route from Brindisi to Saranda in Albania, a trip that lasts around 10 hours.

Brindisi ferry port

Brindisi Ferry Port is considered one of the most important ports of Italy and serves millions of passengers every year. It is situated next to the city center. The passenger terminal Costa Morena is easily accessible from the town center and is close to the central station. If you arrive by train in Brindisi a bus ride takes around 15 min to the port and you need half of the time if you take a taxi.

The Costa Morena Terminal is 5-10 minutes on foot from the car park of Via Del Mare. In order to get there, take the public line from Piazza Crispi - FS Railway Station which occurs every 30 minutes from 5:30 am to 11:45 pm costing 1.50 Euro. For more inforation about bus stops and schedules, please visit Brindisi Buses. Moreover, if you prefer to get around with a taxi, take a look in Brindisi Taxis.

Brindisi Airport to Port

The distance from Brindisi Airport to the port is about 8km. A bus transfer takes about 26 min with a very low ticket cost. The fastest way to approach the port is by taxi which takes about 15 min.
STP Brindisi carries out the connection service among Salento Airport (Papola-Casale), Brindisi Town Centre (Railway Station and via del Mare/Piazza Capitanerie di Porto) and Costa Morena harbour, dock for tourist ferry-boats. The line runs every 30 minutes on a daily basis starting from 05:30 (Piazza Crispi – Central station) to 23:45. A single ticket costs approximately 1€ (1.5€ when purchased on board)

How to get to Brindisi Port by Car

  • Coming from North: After exiting the road SS379, drive along the SS16 until you reach the exit ZONA INDUSTRIALE/PORTO/LECCE. Continue to GRECIA/PORTO/ZONA INDUSTRIALE and then to PORTO/COSTA MORENA/GRECIA.
  • Coming from South: Use the exit GRECIA/PORTO/ZONA INDUSTRIALE by following the indications of the exit LECCE/ZONA INDUSTRIALE/PORTO. After that, go to PORTO/COSTA MORENA/GRECIA.

Places to visit in Brindisi

Below, you can find the most important places you can visit in Brindisi:

  • Piazza Duomo where the Cathedral of Brindisi is located, a church built between 11th and 12th century was finally restored during the 18th century after being destroyed by the earthquake of 1743
  • The arcade Porticato De Cateniano cannot be missed due to its central location at cathedral square.
  • The archaeological site of San Pietro degli Schiavoni, the remains of the five mud basins for drinking water treatment and the Tancredi fountain are not far away from the city center
  • The Palazzo Arcivescovile, built in 1720 by the Baroque period artist Mario Manieri
  • The Archaeological Museum of the Province, with a collection of Roman relics and sculptures of the Imperial Age and the prehistoric collection, the loggia del Palazzo Balsamo in Via Tarantini and the Museo Diocesano Giovanni Tarantini in Piazza Duomo are easily accessible
  • The 19th metres made of marble Roman Column, a reminder of the Roman era of Brindisi, is situated near the port and is considered as the symbol of Brindisi and the end of Appian Way. Originally there were two columns but in 1528 one of them crumbled. Nowadays, the base and a rock are still in place
  • The Aragonese Castle was built in 1491 and it was used for defending the city from possible sea attacks. It is located on St. Andrea Islandopposite the port and is one of the most important monuments in Brindisi

Beaches in Brindisi

Below, you can find the best beaches in Brindisi and the surrounding area :

  • Torre Guaceto Beach in the municipality of Carovigno with fine white sand and clean water. The coastline is one of the protected areas without apartments, restaurants and other buildings, but the visitors can relax from the noisy town and admire the natural beauties of the area. Surrounded by dunes and cliffs, Torre Guaceto attracts tourists that love trekking, scuba diving and windsurfing.
  • Costa Merlata Beach is suggested for those who prefer to rent an umbrella and a chair, to have a meal or drink their coffee in a nearby restaurant and swim into the clear and calm sea protected from the wind.
  • Specchiolla Beach is the central beach of the homonymous resort town with fine sand and low cliffs, hotels, restaurants and bars nearby.
  • La Conca Beach, at a distance of 5 km from the center of Brindisi is easily accessible for a day excursion, ideal for families with children due to the calm sea waters.
  • Guna is one of the best beach lounges in the Brindisi area and is recommended for those who want a little luxury for their vacation. An organized beach bar and a surf spot is available. Sunbeds and umbrellas can make your stay comfortable and relaxing.
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