Ferry from Sorrento to Ischia

Ferry to Ischia - Landscape with Il Fungo of Lacco Ameno, coast of Ischia island, Italy.

Plan your trip by ferry from Sorrento to Ischia and visit a volcanic island in the Gulf of Naples, known for its thermal springs and a spa and holiday resort!

Ischia is a beautiful island with numerous thermal springs, pristine beaches and luxury hotels offering high quality holidays. Ischia is less developed and certainly more authentic than its more popular neighbors on the coast of Amalfi and Capri.The beauty of Ischia is that the landscape and traditions change from town to town. The island has many attractions and great treasures such as a collection of Roman and Greek artifacts including amphorae, pottery and jewellery.

For nature lovers, the hike to Mount Epomeo will reward them with magnificent mountain and sea views and discover the island's volcanic past. Ischia includes famous spas that are open all year round with one of them considered the oldest in the world (Nidroni Nymphs Park).

Being so close to Naples the visitor can enjoy authentic Napolitan specialties while food lovers can enjoy their meal in Michelin-starred restaurants. Plan your next trip to the beautiful "green island" as the Italians call it and make your reservation as soon as possible for unique travel experiences !

Sorrento to Ischia ferry schedules

From Sorrento to Ischia the ferry schedules are on a daily basis, about 14 per week. You can take the ferry to Ischia from the tourist port of Sorrento, which is also easily accessible on foot. We suggest that you check our booking engine, find all information about the ferry routes from Sorrento to Ischia and book your tickets in advance in order to find the best possible offers.

Sorrento to Ischia ferry time and ferry distance 

From Sorrento to Ischia the ferry time takes from 50 minutes to 1 hour and the ferry distance between the two ports is about 26 nautical miles (48 km).

Ferry types from Sorrento to Ischia route

The ferry types on the Sorrento Ischia route are small boats and hydrofoils.

Useful tips on the trip Sorrento to Ischia

  • Be present at the port 1 hour before departure for check-in and embarkation as the port of Sorrento tends to be crowded especially the weekends and the peak months
  • Check out our pages dedicated to Sorrento and Ischia for more information on ports and travel guidance
  • Explore the Monte Epos mountain that rises above the plains in the center of Ischia and of course visit the numerous thermal springs, which offer wellness services combined with the beneficial properties of the thermal waters
  • Do not miss to visit other nearby destinations such as Capri, Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast
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