Ferry to Termini Imerese

Ferry to Termini Imerese - Via Roma in Termini Imerese overlooking the old court. One of the most beautiful streets in Sicily.
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Passengers traveling by ferry to Termini Imerese enjoy a wonderful trip to the northern coast of Sicily, enchanted by a port city in the province of Palermo!

As its name reveals, Termini Imerese ("Hot Springs of Himera") still displays the remains of arched Roman aqueducts in the town, which is divided into two parts: Termini Bassa and Termini Alta. Almost all of the town's historical attractions are located in Termini Alta since that area comprises the town's old historic center.

Inhabited since prehistoric times according to the archaeological finds, Termini Imerese, the city of Greek origins called “Thermae”, was founded in 409 BC, when the ancient town Himera was destroyed by the Cathaginians. Later on, “Thermae” was conquered by the Romans and a flourishing period was started for the town due to trade connections with other Mediterranean cities and the healing spa with the water of the volcanic springs. The Romans were the ones who discovered the therapeutic value of Termini Imerese’s waters back in 252 BC. After the Roman ages and after a period of decline the city was found under Norman rule and of great development due to the relations with the other port cities like Genoa, Pisa, Venice, Barcelona and Marseille and later to the Atlantic.

Today it is a developed port town in Sicily, visited by many tourists each year not only for the beaches but also for the great historical sites. When traveling to the destination Termini Imerese, passengers marvel at the picture-postcard image of that Sicilian seaside town. The view from Termini looking out over the sea to Palermo is likewise breathtaking.

If you like to have the chance to visit this wonderful town check the schedules and prices through our website and book your tickets in advance.

Ferry port Termini Imerese

The city of Termini Imerese is connected with Italian mainland with the following ferry routes:

Napoli to Termini Imerese is a weekly sailing of 9h30m with a car and passengers ferry from Porta di Massa. Enjoy the comfortable voyage and take advantage of all the facilities of the conventional boats during the sea trip.
Civitavecchia to Termini Imerese with a more often direct trip of 14h with modern and fully equipped boats. Bar and restaurants are available on board.

If you want to book a cabin and travel with your camper it is advisable to make your reservation early enough in order to find availability.

Termini Imerese ferry port

Termini Imerese ferry port is located on the east part of the town but at a close distance from the old town. Only 40km from Palermo is easily approached by car, train and public bus.
Close to the port there are several paid parking spaces, bars and restaurants.

How to get to Termini Imerese ferry port

The transportation options in order to approach Termini Imerese ferry port are the following:


  • Coming from Palermo: Highway A19, exit at Termini Imerese
  • Coming from Messina: Motorway A20 ME/PA, exit Termini Imerese
  • Coming from Catania: Highway A19 CT/PA, exit Termini Imerese
  • Coming from Agrigento: Through the SS 189 to Villabate (PA), continue to A19 PA/CT, exit Termini Imerese


Train station is close to the port of Termini Imerese at a distance of less than a 1km. If you want to approach the port by train the closest stations are:

  • Corso Umberto E Margherita, 3 min walk
  • Termini Imerese, 8 min walk
  • Piazza Umberto, 12 min walk


The N&S bus line (Termini Imerese) is a circular line with 24 stops that depart from Termini Imerese Station (Ss113).


If you want to move in the town and you do not like walking a lot the idea of taking a taxi is the best solution as the distances are not long and the cost is reasonable.

Termini Imerese ferry port from Palermo Airport

The closest airport to Termini Imerese is Palermo Airport. The Sais bus company organizes many transfers from Palermo airports to the city center of Termini Imerese. Please check the Official Sais Website for available routes.

Places of interest in Termini Imerese

Most of Termini's sights are located within walking distance of one another. Before leaving with ferries from Termini Imerese do not miss to visit the following:

  • The Cathedral of Saint Nicola di Bari dating back to the 17th century, stands in Piazza Duomo. The facade was completed in 1912 and is the main catholic church of Termini Imerese
  • The Baldassarre Romano City Museum is situated in front of the Duomo with a collection of works from different periods. Several finds are from the archaeological area of Himera, statues and objects from the Roman period as well as works of Sicilian and local artists
  • Climb the Staircase in Via Roma built in the 19th century which connects the two parts of the town. Enjoy the way up to the higher part of Termini Imerese while admiring the historical buildings and feel the atmosphere of the past. Each year on the 8th December the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Virgin Mary takes place which is a big celebration of the town and the procession goes down this staircase
  • The town is also famous for its elaborate Carnival (Mardi Gras) festival, which is ranked along with Acireale and Sciacca's Carnevals as one of the best in Sicily. Being the oldest in Sicily as its history goes back to 1876, it is celebrated every year with participation of groups of people with costumes and music bands. After passing through the historical center the floats arrive at the Piazza Duomo for the award of the best participant
  • If you happen to pass from the State Road 113 take a look at San Leonardo Bridge built in 1721 during the reign Charles VI of Hapsburg with the purpose to connect Termini Imerese and Palermo
  • Church of Maria Santissima Annunziata, built on the ruins of a Medieval church in the 17th century. The impressive blue dome together with the interesting inside are worth visiting if you pass through Via Verona
  • Termini Imerese Thermal Spa is due to the Romans and today is one of the most popular spa centers that a large number of tourists visit. The two volcanic springs flow water at a temperature of 43C. Today the Grand Hotel Delle Terme, located in the center of the city, provides several cures due to the healing properties of these waters
  • A Temple of Victory dedicated to the Goddess Athena is found in the Ancient City of Himera. The building was destroyed by the Carthaginians when they captured the city. Do not miss to visit the Antiquarium Museum with objects and artifacts found during the excavations in the area

Beaches in Termini Imerese

The beaches in Termini Imerese are worth visiting as most of them provide facilities for families and children.
Below you can find some of the most preferred:

  • Cefalu Beach is a very long beach with sand and all kinds of facilities if you like to spend a day near the sea. It is not located in the center of the town but with 45 min driving you can enjoy the wonderful waters and sun
  • Altavilla Milicia is a beach with shallow waters and easy access with sun loungers during the summer season, close to the town. The distance from Palermo, of about 25km by train, makes this beach crowded sometimes. Loved by families with children who want to discover the area as there is a great choice of hotels and restaurants at the beachfront
  • Campofelice di Roccella is a sandy and pebbly beach on the way from Termini Imerese to Cefalu. Tourists love this place as they can swim in a very clean sea, admire the landscape and visit the half-ruined castle and the church nearby. Every summer visitors from Palermo arrive at this beach for a day trip near the sea as it is located at a distance of about 40km
  • Pietra Piatta is a beach with sand and pebbles west of Termini Imerese and took its name from a rock rising from the sea. Amenities are available such as loungers, umbrellas and beach bar. Also there is a parking lot and is ideal for families with children

Useful tips for your trip

  • It is recommended to be at the port of Termini Imerese at least 1 hour before departure as during summer season it could be very crowded
  • Do not miss to try the local specialities like fish and meat dishes as well as the typical Sicilian sweets and wines
  • A day trip to nearby Palermo is a must. Even if you do not have two or three days available, it is worth visiting this town of great interest even for a few hours
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