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Passengers traveling by ferry to Terracina arrive in a city located in the Lazio region, south-central Italy, situated on the Gulf of Gaeta, southeast of Rome!

On the Roman Appian Way Terracina was an important port and the site of a major temple to Jupiter. It was once an essential seaport due to its strategic location.Today the modern town spreads out on the plain below the hills, along a wide sandy beach which attracts many summer visitors.

One of the best places to see while in Terracina, is the old town. If you walk through the old archways into Piazza del Municipio, you discover more of the history of Terracina. The Piazza del Municipio is the heart of historical Terracina, a pretty piazza containing paving stones from the Roman Forum, a crumbling archway, the town cathedral, the headquarters of the town council and the archaeological museum. The Temple of Jupiter Anxur, is the most striking site of Terracina. It was the ancient Volscian name for the town. The deity to whom the sanctuary was dedicated is the Jupiter. The impressive vaulted base can be seen for miles, and no visitor to Terracina should miss a trip to the fascinating hilltop site with its superb views. Below the temple at the eastern end of town, is a monument to Roman engineering and determination.

Once there, take your time to explore The Monumento Naturale di Campo Soriano and observe the stone walls, olive groves, vineyards and limestone formations of varying height and shape that emerge amongst the vegetative growth.

The modern part of the island is unexciting but pleasant, with wide tree-lined boulevards leading to the beach west of the port. The town's main attraction for the summer visitors are the sea and the sand.

Terracina Port

Terracina port is located in the eastern part of the city and very close to the center. There are some fine hotels in the area, also boutiques, restaurants and bars along with a beautiful park. If you are searching for a way to reach the seaport, please check your options referred below:


There are numerous buses operating in town. Please, check Terracina Buses for more information about the schedules and stops.


For a taxi transfer, please call +39 329 793 1811 or visit Terracina Taxis.

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