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Ferry to Mykonos - Scenic view of the old town on the Greek island of Mykonos. Cactus and white villa.

Plan your trip to the Cyclades by ferry from Thessaloniki to Mykonos and find all the necessary information on schedules, frequency and accommodation options!

Every summer a large number of tourists choose to take the ferry to Mykonos and visit one of the most cosmopolitan islands of the Aegean, a true paradise on earth, with lush pine forests and crystal blue waters.Apart from tourists from abroad, this destination is also popular for domestic tourism.
Glamorous and cosmopolitan, it has been attracting VIPs from all over the world like a magnet from 1960 to the present day. It is no coincidence that it is voted in the top positions of the best holiday destinations: excellent beaches, award-winning restaurants, endless wonderful parties, expensive yachts, dream villas, beautiful people, five-star beach services. Mykonos will seduce you. But above all, it will set you free.

With ships being full especially during the high season, we recommend you to make your reservation in advance to find availability for both passengers and cars.

Thessaloniki to Mykonos ferry distance 

The ferry distance from Thessaloniki to Mykonos is approximately 220.45 miles.

Thessaloniki to Mykonos ferry time 

The ferry time from Thessaloniki to Mykonos depends on the type of the vessel and the duration can be from 22h 5m.

Ferry schedule from Thessaloniki to Mykonos 

The connection from the mainland port of Thessaloniki to the main port of Mykonos in Tourlos is seasonal. There is 1 weekly ferry itinerary every Saturday. The ferry departs at 21:00 and reaches the new port of Mykonos in Tourlos the next day, at almost 19:00 in the evening.

Useful tips for your trip from Thessaloniki to Mykonos 

  • The port is located approximately 16 km from Thessaloniki International Airport “Makedonia” and 1km from the railway station. Getting to the port of Thessaloniki is very easy as there are frequent bus services and taxis
  • Because this line is in high demand during the summer months, availability in the garage sells out quickly. We recommend you avoid having your reservation at the last minute upon arriving at the port
  • As your departure point is from the mainland port of Thessaloniki, we suggest combining your trip to Mykonos with a road tour in central Halkidiki
  • There are frequent ferry connections from Mykonos to other islands of the Cyclades Complex, during the peak season, like Syros, Tinos, Paros and Santorini

How to get from Thessaloniki to Mykonos with conventional and high speed ferries, details of scheduled departures, updated prices and how to reach the ports!

Conventional or high speed ferry from Thessaloniki to Mykonos ?

There are two basic ferry types for the route from Thessaloniki to Mykonos: Conventional (regular car ferries) and High Speed.

Regular car ferries take more travel time from Thessaloniki to Mykonos but are definitely the most popular and cheapest ones! Especially on day trips, normal ferries are a relaxing way to travel between Thessaloniki and Mykonos, with all the fantastic sea views and the sea breeze someone can enjoy from the decks!

High speed ferries are smaller and a bit more expensive but they cut the travel time from Thessaloniki to Mykonos almost in half! Occasionally there are high speed ferries from Thessaloniki to Mykonos available that can transport vehicles.

Check out all ferry types and their overall characteristics!

Choose your departure date and get all current ferry schedules and prices from Thessaloniki to Mykonos!

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