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Ferry to Tunis - Hammamet Medina streets with blue walls. Tunis, north Africa.
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Passengers traveling by ferry to Tunis arrive at the capital and the largest city of Tunisia, whose metropolitan area holds 2,7 million inhabitants!

The city is situated on a large Mediterranean Sea gulf, behind the Lake of Tunis and the port of La Goulette and extends along the coastal plain and the hills that surround it. The city’s core hosts the antic medina, a world heritage site. Passengers can start their exploration from the Port de France and head to the ez-Zaytouna Mosque, the great mosque of Tunis and the center of the medina, passing by lots of shops and ancient buildings.

Ferry to Tunis might sail from Italy (Palermo, Naples, Civitavecchia, Livorno and Genoa) or from France (Sete). Once in Tunis, visitors should take a walking tour to the ancient buildings, mosques, and gates of the medina. The souks are a network of covered streets lined with shops and traders where tourists can feel the oriental atmosphere of the place. All types of commodities including slaves used to be traded there. Before leaving Tunis, make sure you have seen the largest mosque in Tunisia – the Zitouna Mosque or visit the small folk museum Dar Ben Abdallah within the 18th-century palace in the medina.

The ferry routes to Tunis connect Tunisia with a lot of international destinations. Passengers coming to Tunis are not only interested in exploring its beaches but also in discovering the secrets of its past in places like Carthage, La Marsa, and Sidi Bou Said, the suburbs of Tunis. They can learn a lot about the city’s colonial-era by visiting the Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul, built-in 1882. Through the Tunis ferry timetable, they can plan and organize their journey to Tunisia and feel the exotic air over a traditional dish of couscous and minced cabbage. A walk through Tunis' largest park, Belvedere Park, which houses the Museum of Modern Art and the municipal zoo, and overlooks Lake Tunis will harmonically round up their evening afterward.

Book your Tunis ferry tickets in advance and have a nice holiday in northern Africa!

Getting to Tunis by ferry

Tunis is accessible by ferry from Italy's west coast cities like Civitavecchia, Salerno, also from Genoa on the north and Palermo in Sicily. Big car passengers ferries are crossing the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Seas and are ending up in the Gulf of Tunis in northern Africa, providing passengers plenty of accommodation options and amenities on board for their better sailing experience.

  • Genoa to Tunis: an all year around route that takes place at least once a week. Due to its high duration (24 hours), it is recommended to book a cabin so as to have a comfortable and relaxing journey
  • Civitavecchia to Tunis: this crossing takes place all over the year, at least 2 times a week. The duration differs according to the type of the vessel you are using, lasting from 18 to 27 hours
  • Salerno to Tunis: the ferries form Salerno to Tunis sail minimum 2 times every week and the average time of the connection is 23 hours
  • Palermo to Tunis: being by far the shortest journey, the ferries do not need more than 11 hours to reach the port of Tunis from the north coast of Sicily

Tunis port

Tunis port is very popular to travelers and thus, very well connected with the historical capital of Tunisia as well as with Tunis Carthage International Airport. The port is huge and it is serving both car passenger and cargo ferries. In the area around, tourists can find waiting rooms, snack bars, boutiques and information offices. Details provided below on how to approach the port of Tunis either when coming from the city or from the airport:

Tunis International Airport to Tunis Port

Upon arrival at the Tunis International Airport, you can get to the Tunis Port easily by bus and taxi. See below your alternatives in further detail.


Use bus line 35 which goes straight to Tunis Marine train station which is located outside the port. More information at Tunis Airport Buses.


Outside the arrivals terminal is the taxi stand. Grab one and reach Tunis in approx. 30 minutes.

Tunis City Center to Tunis Port

From the City Center of Tunis, you can get to the Tunis port by taking advantage of the following public transportation means.


When you reach Tunis Marine take the train to Tunis port (Le Bac) and in around 20 mins you will arrive at your destination. 


Grab a taxi from the street or call +216 22 20 40 22 to plan your transportation or you can also check Tunis Taxis.

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