Ferry to Vulcano

Passengers traveling by ferry to Vulcano whose name derives from the word "volcano", must visit the crater to get a complete view of the island!

Vulcano (Vurcanu) is a small volcanic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, is the first island when arriving from the sicilian coast. According to the Greek mythology the island was the site of the forge of Efesto, god of fire, metallurgy and technology. The Romans used the island mainly for raw materials, harvesting timber, and mining alum and sulfur. The volcanic activity in the region is largely the result of the northward-moving African Plate meeting the Eurasian Plate. There are four volcanic centers on the island, Vulcano della Fossa, Vulcanello, Monte Aria and Monte Saraceno. The most recently active center is the Gran Cratere at the top of the Fossa cone. At the north of the island is the islet, Vulcanello connected to Vulcano by an isthmus that may be flooded in bad weather.

Passengers who travel to Vulcano will be able to see the Tyrrhenian coast of Messina. Isola Vulcano hides wild and beautiful natural landscapes of incredible beauty. The climb to the top and crater circuit of the Fossa cone (391m) is the main highlight of Vulcano. It is not a particularly strenuous climb but a bit rocky and ash covered.

Vulcano is famous for the mud baths. They are said to have incredibly beneficial properties. Things to do in Vulcano island is swimming in its famous “acque calde” (warm waters). Having fun exploring and swimming in the Laghetto dei Fanghi will be the best way to relax and rejuvenate your skin.

Vulcano Port

Vulcano port or Porto di Vulcano is placed in the northeastern coast of the island. In fact, the seaport is composed of two small bays, Porto Levante and Porto Ponente, meaning east port and west port respectively. Vulcano Porto is the most crowded area with most accommodations and eating places. 

After arriving in Vulcano port, you can either walk to your hotel or choose between using the public bus or a taxi in order to get transferred. 


A bus service operates throughout the entire island and its landmarks. If you want to learn more about the timetables and stops, please, check Vulcano Buses.


Book a cab in Vulcano Taxis or grab one from the port area.

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