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Dodekanisos Seaways ships have been operating in the Greek waters since 1999. The shipping company is characterized by its strong commitment to the needs of modern travelers and the development of the Dodecanese Islands. For that, Dodekanisos deploys the high-speed vessels “Dodekanisos Express” which starting its routes in 2000 and “Dodekanisos Pride”, starting in 2005. Both vessels were constructed at Batservice shipyard in Norway, to meet the requirements of traveling to and from the Dodecanese Islands.

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Dodekanisos Seaways fleet & prizes

In 2011 Dodekanisos Seaways enhanced their fleet by introducing the passenger ship “Panagia Skiadeni” in order to cover the Dodecanese marine transportation needs including transportation for passengers, vehicles and merchandise. Dodekanisos Seaways ferries offer their passengers a very high standard in terms of accommodation, amenities onboard and passage.

It is notable to say that the association has won many prizes, among them being the “Scouts of Greece” in 2018, the Social Media Awards in 2017 and the “Hellenic Army General Staff” in 2017. Moreover, appreciating not only the passengers’ needs but also environmental health, the company has proceeded by following all the requirements for the protection of the marine and sea environment.

Except for the high-quality service and facilities which guarantee the safety of the passengers and travelers on board, Dodekanisos also provides to its passengers the opportunity to get delightful discounts and offers so as to encourage travel.


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Dodekanissos fleet

The ferry ship Dodekanisos Express is a catamaran that belongs to the high speed vessel type
Dodekanisos Express
Call Sign:SX8286 Length:40 m Width:10 m Speed (Knots):33
Number of Passengers:341 Number of Beds: Number of Vehicles:6 Year Built:2000
The ferry ship Dodekanisos Pride is a catamaran that belongs to the high speed vessel type
Dodekanisos Pride
Call Sign:SY5991 Length:40,05 m Width:11,46 m Speed (Knots):33
Number of Passengers:280 Number of Beds: Number of Vehicles:9 Year Built:2005
The ferry ship Panagia Skiadeni belongs to the conventional vessel type
M/F Panagia Skiadeni
Call Sign:SWIK Length:83,7 m Width:13,52 m Speed (Knots):17
Number of Passengers:700 Number of Beds: Number of Vehicles:115 Year Built:1986
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