European Seaways

Start traveling with European Seaways from Italy to Greece and Italy to Albania with its huge ships and enjoy a beautiful voyage crossing the Adriatic Sea!

The company is based in Athens, Greece and was founded in 1990. The ferry operator is running routes on the Adriatic Sea between the countries Italy - Albania and Italy - Greece. In particular, Italy - Albania connection is served through the Brindisi - Vlore route and Italy - Greece connection through the routes Brindisi - Corfu - Igoumenitsa and Brindisi - Kefalonia - Zante.

Its vessels F/B PRINCE, F/b GALAXY and F/B GOLDEN BRIDGE are all very big, fast and include very comfortable facilities. They provide big garages for the vehicles and all of them can take more than 800 passengers.

The European Seaways accommodation and amenities options include spacious cabins with wooden furnishings, lounges with televisions and air conditioning, self-service restaurants, indoor bars, casinos and entertainment areas for the children.


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