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Get on board the OLYMPUS ferry of the new Sea Speed Ferries and travel from the Greek mainland towards the beautiful Milos, Santorini and Rethymno in Crete!

The Sea Speed Lines shipping company was founded in 2018 so it is very new to the field but its employees and crews have very rich backgrounds with many years of experience and know exactly how to operate and please their customers. Safety, fast journeys and the increase of tourism to the served destinations are the company’s purpose and duty.

The carrier has in its possession one large ship named "OLYMPUS" that was built back in 1976 and can carry approximately 1050 travelers and 450 vehicles. It also provides very modern equipment and facilities to its passengers in order to make every voyage comfortable and enjoyable. Cozy cabins and convenient seats in the forms of armchairs while also all requirements needed for disabled people are some of the vessel’s qualifications.

Sea Speed Lines Discounts & Offers

There are several discounts and offers that you can benefit from. Check below and choose what suits you best:

  • The 3+1 discount which goes to those who travel as 4 with the same booking references and book a 4-bed cabin. Then, the 4th bed is for free. Note that this is only for passengers who travel to Rethymno
  • Children discount which applies to those who have children between the ages of 5 and 10 and is 50%
  • Infants discount that means if a child is below 5 years old and they don’t consume a bed, they travel for free
  • People with 3 or more children have a 50% deduction for deck seats, 30% for cabins and 20% for their vehicle. Luxury cabins are not included
  • Students are able to travel with a 20% reduction in their tickets


Sea Speed Ferries Booking Terms


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Looking for travel ideas?
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