Superfast Ferries

Book online your Superfast Ferries from Italy to Greece and Athens/Piraeus to Crete and save up to 45%!

Superfast Ferries have been offering their customers quality services since 1995. In addition, all ships of their Fleet provide exceptional entertainment which makes the journey a unique experience for the passengers to enjoy. Furthermore, Superfast Lines stands for safety, dynamism, environmental awareness, high quality features and professional crews. Various certifications (e.g. ISO9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004), received from internationally recognized certification authorities, prove that Superfast Ferries constantly aim to offer high quality services. Both on domestic routes and on Superfast Ferries Ancona and Superfast Ferries Bari, passengers are offered a very high standard regarding Accommodation and passage.

Superfast Ferries Ferry Ports

Superfast ferries offer connections between the Greek and Italian ferry ports and between Piraeus/Athens and the Greek island Crete. Please check the Superfast Ferries Schedules & Prices page for detailed information on this!

Superfast Ferries also offers for the Italy-Greece-Italy ferry routes the Camping on Board option!

Superfast Ferries Embarkation

For the Superfast Ferries embarkation passengers and vehicles must check-in at the port offices as follows:

  • Passengers at least 1 hour and vehicles at least 2 hours prior to theSuperfast Ferries departure.

In case the above mentioned time frame is not hold, Superfast Ferries reserve the right to cancel the reservation with 100% cancellation fees.

The Superfast Ferries embarkation time and regulations are handled by the corresponding port authorities. Drivers must follow the instructions of the Superfast Ferries crew at the time of embarkation and disembarkation. Occupants of the vehicles are asked to leave the vehicle before it is driven on board of the Superfast Ferries ferry.

Book in Advance your Superfast Ferries Tickets

Here are some of the most important reasons why you should Book in Advance your Superfast ferry ticket:

  • Superfast Ferries is a very popular ferry operator, whose capacity tends to be booked out very fast!
  • Secure the price of your tickets withSuperfast Ferries and be sure that currency fluctuations don’t affect you!
  • Plan and book yourSuperfast Ferries passage now and not later, thereby ensuring more holiday time!
  • Balance your holiday budget by including the price of yourSuperfast Ferries ticket in this month’s credit card statement.
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