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Book your tickets with Superfast Ferries and enjoy a high-quality and memorable experience traveling from Greece to Italy and from Athens to the Greek islands!

Anek Superfast Ferries is a big ferry company which is based in Greece and has been offering its customers quality services since 1993. In addition, its three passenger - car ships of the fleet, provide exceptional entertainment which makes the journey a unique and enjoyable experience for the passengers. Furthermore, Superfast Lines are well-known for their high safety, dynamism, environmental awareness, high-quality features and professional crew.

Superfast Ferries vessels, Superfast I, II and XI are very large but also very fast and guarantee a comfortable and entertaining experience while crossing the Adriatic and the Aegean Seas. In the ships’ interiors, you can find bars, restaurants and a beautiful bar in an open deck where you can enjoy a refreshment along with the sight of the endless blue sea.

Various certifications (e.g. ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004), received from internationally recognized certification authorities, prove that the company constantly aims to offer high-quality services. Both on domestic and international routes, passengers are offered a very high standard regarding Superfast Ferries accommodation, amenities and passage.

Superfast also offers for the Italy - Greece - Italy ferry routes the camping on board option.

Superfast Ferries Camping on Board

The Camping on board service provides you the opportunity to enjoy the comfort of your camper in an open garage during the entire voyage and get special deals.

Camping on Board Service Period

  • If you travel from Greece to Italy and vice versa, the service period starts on the 1st of April and end on the 31st of October
  • You are able to use the camping on board option before the 1st of April only if cabins are available. If so, you will be given a cabin with the cost of an economy ticket plus your vehicle’s price

Please, click on the pdf icon in the schedules and prices field to learn more about the prices and official dates you wish to travel within this period

You can either use our booking engine for real-time results or contact us.

Advantages of the Service

  • You feel more conveniently since you are using your own camper during the voyage
  • You get 220 V of electricity for free and also the vehicle is parked in a dedicated department on the ship
  • Free access is granted to every region of the respective vessel (bars, cafeterias, WC's, decks)

The use of gas is not permitted for the entire journey!

On our camping on board page, you can find all the information you need about the service.

Superfast Ferries schedules & prices 2023

Through the following links, you can receive the current Superfast Ferries Italy Greece schedules & prices for 2023!


Superfast Ferries booking terms

Superfast fleet

The ferry ship Superfast V belongs to the conventional vessel type
M/F Superfast V
Call Sign:FLSO Length:203,9 m Width:25 m Speed (Knots):31,6
Number of Passengers:1595 Number of Beds:842 Number of Vehicles:1000 Year Built:2001
The ferry ship Superfast VI belongs to the conventional vessel type
M/F Superfast VI
Call Sign:3FSU8 Length:203,9 m Width:25 m Speed (Knots):31,6
Number of Passengers:1595 Number of Beds:842 Number of Vehicles:1000 Year Built:2001
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