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Hop between the Italian mainland to the huge islands of Sardinia and Sicily with the immense Tirrenia and feel the superiority of its fast and majestic vessels!

Founded in 1936 and based in Naples, Italy, Tirrenia shipping company has managed to be the largest ferry operator in the entire Europe. It offers plenty of crossings every year, serving only domestic routes though. More specifically, most of the connections are happening between the Italian mainland Genoa, Naples, Civitavecchia, Termoli, Sardinia (Porto Torres, Arbatax, Cagliari, Olbia) and Sicily (Palermo, Trapani) but also to the Tremiti Islands.

The company’s ships are all new since they were constructed after 2000 and are also recently renovated and upgraded so as to be even more modernized and provide the best and most up-to-date standards. They are considered to be the most modern ships in the Mediterranean and their purpose is to offer the highest possible security for passengers and staff and reliability. It is notable to mention that all Tirrenia ferries are holders of the Class, Safety for Passenger Transport Certificates and of the Safety Management System.

The fleet is composed of 11 vessels which are cruise ferries, ro-pax and ro-ro. The cruise ferries are very distinctive due to the fact that they are painted with the famous Warner Bros characters and cartoons. The average number of passengers and cars they can carry is 2700 and 900 respectively.

In the internal facilities, travelers are able to find many amenities and things to keep them occupied during their voyage. Big and luxurious lounges, bars, cafeterias, shops, kids’ areas, restaurants and a huge central area with stunning views over the sea are all provided. In addition, WIFI connection, satellite TVs and even a cinema projecting Warner Bros movies are some extra conveniences on board.

It is worth having in mind that all crew members are holders of certificates and are attending continuous training courses in order to be able to cope with any situation during the journey.


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