Ventouris Ferries

Make your online reservations with Ventouris Ferries and embrace a unique and comfortable onboard experience while crossing the Ionian and Adriatic Seas!

The Ventouris Lines shipping company was established in 1976. Since 1984, when it became bigger and stronger, the ferry operator started servicing not only coastal routes but also the line between Greece and Italy and the line between Italy and Albania.

Although it is a Greek company, they are mainly traveling to and from Bari in Italy.

Four large vessels sail under the colors of dark blue, red and white, transporting thousands of passengers each year offering a variety of onboard facilities, ideal for the long journeys alongside a friendly and professional service. MS RIGEL III is the fastest vessel, while MS RIGEL II is the largest of the fleet. The other two, although smaller, still offer all the amenities the others do.

Each ferry has all the modern facilities, including a range of restaurants offering local and international cuisines, bars, duty-free shops, panoramic lounges, air conditioning, and cozy/ relaxing cabins.

Every ferry’s crew and staff are well trained and hold a big experience in terms of passenger managing. They prioritize people’s safety and they do everything that goes their hand to make the voyage more comfortable and pleasant.


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